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China Releases Prominent Tibetan Political Prisoner

Runggye Adak a prominent Tibetan political prisoner, arrested on August 1st 2007 has according to reports from Tibet been released, a development greatly welcomed by all supporting human rights and justice. 379 more words

The Thai State is wrong to involve Buddhist monks with soldiers

Giles Ji Ungpakorn

The bomb attack on Buddhist monks in Sai Bury in the South is a terrible act. So is the Thai State’s use of death squads, police and soldiers, to kill local Muslim Malay activists who seek independence from Thailand. 450 more words

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Buddhist monks also distort the Buddha's teachings, don't they?

Previously I talked about how misrepresentations of Buddhist teachings are being portrait in some Hollywood dystopian movies to discredit the teachings. But there is another form of ‘misrepresentation': from Buddhist monks to paint a picture of Buddha as a god and his teachings as those of a god, not a man. 595 more words

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Links I Love: July 24th 2015

On Fridays I post a list of links that caught my attention over the past week. Some are related to the monthly theme – in July we’re focusing on gratitude. 202 more words


The biggest book in the world

Source: Kuriositas.

The biggest book in the world is an edition of the Pali Canon, a scripture of Theravada Buddhism, inscribed on marble by order of King Mindon of Burma in 1860. 131 more words

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What Makes A Monk A Monk?

By: David Xi-Ken Shi 曦 肯

A question that is beginning to be ask more frequently these days is, “What makes a monk, a monk?” Perhaps more to the point is trying to discern just what is the differences between an individual that takes vows to renounce the “worldly life” and enter a monastery, and those that choose to take monastic vows yet live outside the walls of a monastery or temple. 949 more words