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Phay-Am Going to Miss this Place

Picking up from where we left off in Koh Phayam – Part 1, “Phay-Am So Excited!”…

…The following day, still in possession of the moped we explored the ‘pier’ side of the Island. 984 more words


"The Crazy American"

I mentioned one of my favorite experiences was meeting the monks.  Meeting Bob was another phenomenal experience. He arrived over 30 years ago on a humanitarian mission and never left!  144 more words

One Word Challenge: Saffron

Saffron is the world’s most expensive spice because of the immense amount of delicate hand labour required for a mere ounce.

Back when hand labour was used for everything and consequently less costly, saffron was used for dyeing cloth, especially those of Buddhist monks, hence the phrase ‘saffron robes’.

50 more words

Chiang Mai temple life

I became a bit obsessed with photographing monks while in Thailand.  Almost stalker-like. These gentle holy men are wonderful subjects, but they also lead surprisingly normal lives.  61 more words


A Thai Housewarming

My host mom, Jam, slumped into the hammock the second she got home Sunday night, the one stretched out in a space between the parked truck and the dining table outside, exhausted from two days of a family event. 770 more words