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This empty photo frame

this empty photo frame;
the solitary one remembers –
with a fond smile, walks slowly on.

Words for meditation and reflection by Stephanie Mohan

photo by MALYBA


POEM: Darling

I am sorry, my darling

I neglected you for a day

I had to do some healing

And pretend to be responsible

But once my duty was done… 111 more words

POEM: Straw Dogs

Sweet sangha sister

Radiant lamp

Of unconditioned compassion

Let’s go up

To the charnel ground

Where the vultures circle round

Carving mandalas in the sky… 105 more words

Poem: The Yogis of Tibet

All the girls

Love a good yogi


Or as thin as a rake –

The girls just can’t get enough

Of those unbathed gurus… 230 more words

Poem: One Day

One day

I hope to write

A poem so beautiful

That even those that despise me

Will be moved to tears by it

Unfortunate beings… 142 more words

Patient resolve

The final pieces;
carefully placed to finish –
this patient resolve.

Words for meditation and reflection by Stephanie Mohan

Photo by my dear friend Mandy – MALYBA