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Poem: Shambhala

My child,

I want to give you all the knowledge

I have gleaned from this lifetime

And others to come;

I want you to be executor… 253 more words

Poem: Melancholy Sleeping

Sometimes Melancholy sleeps;

Sometimes that lead-hearted beast

Betakes himself to his torporous chambers

To sleep his misery away – but

The Melancholy is not to be slept… 409 more words

Sheer intensity

Sheer intensity;
This heat is not from friction –
This unworldly flame.

Words and photo by Stephanie Mohan


A fly at my ear

Middle of nowhere;
My thoughts have left for elsewhere –
A fly at my ear.

Words and photo by Stephanie Mohan

Photo- Billabong Kalbarri National Park WA


Awakened moments

Awakened moments;
Gliding on tranquil waters –
Minds gently melding.


Poem: Hungover Sun

You have to be careful

In a profession such as mine

When alcohol is the only currency

You’re likely to be paid in

You wake up in the morning… 79 more words

Poem: Garland of Secrets

Sweet girl,

Divine girl,

Imagination-sculpted girl,

Shall I sing a song for you?

I steep myself in ancestry

And follow the trail of tongues

That gave lustre to silence… 210 more words