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Poem: To Worship

What does it mean

“To worship”?

To worship something

Is to appreciate it so intensely

That the electricity of your enjoyment

Inseminates everything you are… 84 more words


unbound from earthly attachment;
connected by the three jewels
and a heart that becomes
as big as the full moon
in the rains;
there is no time… 44 more words


Freshly harvested

Freshly harvested;
the ripe fruits of bright kamma –
delicious results.

Words by Stephanie Mohan – July 2016


Open to the elements

Open to
the elements;
vulnerable to
the extremes –
I sit and let

Words by Stephanie Mohan

Photo by Mani Subramanium


Fresh air

Thoughts can dominate;
filling your mind sky with noise –
enjoy the fresh air.

Words and photo by Stephanie Mohan


Poem: Marriage Proposal to a Goddess

Oh, my rose hearted goddess!

I know you adore me

For I can always feel your silky luminescence

Festooned around me

But can’t you come into this realm… 163 more words

Poem: The Stinking Buddha

I am a stinky, stinky Buddha

A real ‘no-gooder!’

My terrible stench

Extends in all directions

Delighting and destroying

All those who smell it

My three bodes – 64 more words