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Buddha power

This is a story about someone who put up a statue of the Buddha in Oakland, CA and what happened after that.

16 minute audio: … 27 more words


Advance and retreat

I remember my brother asking me some years ago, “How was your retreat?” When I told him it was a therapy group, he said, “Ah, so it was an advance and not a retreat.” I’m thinking of that now as I prepare for my retreat next week. 962 more words


Many steps to climb

Many steps to climb;
but first you have to reach them –
one step at a time.

Haiku and photo for meditation and reflection by Stephanie Mohan – October 2015


A moral argument gainst veganism

This post argues against veganism and in favor of the consumption of meat and dairy products.

The moral argument for eating meat and dairy products is simple. 625 more words


Be Your Own Guru?

from a  Blog post by Jaffe Cole

I have always wondered about this quote from the Pali Cannon, a famous quote by the Buddha, used by many a rugged american individualist, those mindfulness practicers that follow a more “up by your bootstraps”  kind of Buddhism.   468 more words


The Buddhist Precepts Drives Stability In Practice

By: David Xi-Ken Shi

We can look at the precepts in simple terms, their meaning can be considered broadly as encompassing the skills in positive communication that promotes social harmony, ethical and moral behavior that promotes human flourishing, respect for social justice that promotes how we awaken to our responsibility to cultural expectations that helps us to understand our “connectiveness” to all things, the importance for displaying civilized manners, and the critical characteristic that values stability in body-mind engagement in the world round us. 627 more words

Not a moment to waste - #haiku

this life is passing;
there’s not a moment to waste –
slow down and notice.

Haiku and photo for meditation and reflection by Stephanie Mohan- September 2015