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I failed again with dealing with B, I gave the responsibility out again by blaming him. I felt angry and betraied again. I just could not sitting there listening how strong feeling he has toward the another person. 597 more words


Self Doubt

Today after the afternoon private class, the student told me she wants to take a break from yoga class.

She can count as my very first student and has taken 30 classes with me. 132 more words


Clueless over our own mortgage rates

It’s the biggest household expense for many people yet only 16 per cent know their mortgage rate, and the proportion is declining, according to new research commissioned by NAB-owned UBank. 369 more words


Saint Romuald

Saint Romuald lived over 1,000 years ago. He is venerated today in both the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox traditions.

A couple of quotes from the short link below: 79 more words


Repost: How delusions are formed

Delusions must start somewhere.

A recent study (Emoticons in mind: An event-related potential study) convincingly demonstrates that our responses to emoticons as simple as a colon next to a parenthesis :) are similar to our responses to real human faces. 635 more words

Functional Interpersonal Meta Linguistics (FIML)

Cool wind

This cool wind blowing;
noticing thoughts as they come –
vibrant awareness.

Words and photo by Stephanie Mohan – December 2015


Buddha power

This is a story about someone who put up a statue of the Buddha in Oakland, CA and what happened after that.

16 minute audio: … 27 more words