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Belief in a self isn’t what gives force to judgement, it’s what blocks it

The West seems to  find it very difficult to understand how recognizing that the self has no true existence doesn’t stand in the way of determination, strength of mind and action in the slightest. 

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Middle of the road

Middle of the road;
need to decide direction –
patient drivers wait.

Words and photo for meditation and reflection by Stephanie Mohan – May 2016


Is consciousness continuous or discrete?

Is consciousness a continuous flow of awareness without intervals or is it something that emerges continually at discrete points in a cascade of microbits?

The Buddhist answer has always been the latter. 901 more words

Brain Science

Spiritual rescue

The bright light of love;
now calling us to go forth –
spiritual rescue.

Words for meditation and reflection by Stephanie Mohan – April 2016… 12 more words


Interview with researcher David Nutt on the effects of LSD

From the interview:

…Why study the effects of LSD on the brain?

For brain researchers, studying how psychedelic drugs such as LSD alter the ‘normal’ brain state is a way to study the biological phenomenon that is consciousness.

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Brain Science

Leaning in to you

Leaning in to you;
touching the rushing waters –
the joy of learning.


Tomb Sweeping Day - April 4, 2016

Tomorrow is what is known as Tomb Sweeping Day Festival, Qing Meng Festival. On this day families from near and far visit the tombs of their ancestors. 368 more words

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