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How to get along 

In the doing of simple tasks,
we practice how to get along.

Stephanie Mohan- May 2015


The best views - #haiku #buddhism

The best views in town,
understand that all things change –
impermanence lasts.


Buddhist morality and signaling

The five precepts of Buddhism are no killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying, or irresponsible use of alcohol.

These moral guidelines are for non-monastics.

I think most of us tend to think of the five precepts as being about the… 255 more words


Clear sky - #haiku #buddhism 

We filter our life
through our red tinted lenses –
see clear sky beyond

Haiku for meditation and reflection by Stephanie Mohan – May 2015…

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Freedom From Buddha Nature

by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

link to original

Excellent essay, highly recommended. I didn’t use any quotes from this piece because it’s best to read the whole thing. ABN


Touching the Earth, by the Pine Gate Mindfulness Community

Touching the Earth, by the Pine Gate Mindfulness Community

This practice connects you in a loving way with both the positive and negative aspects of all your ancestors – biological, spiritual and land. 360 more words

Spring 2015