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The value of introversion, and probably reclusion

Do reclusive and monastic religious practices foster wisdom about the human condition?

A new study indicates that they may.

Insights into social psychological phenomena have been thought of as solely attainable through empirical research.

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Was the Buddha gaslighted?

Did his father, Ĺšuddhodana, in shielding him from knowledge of suffering effectively gaslight his son?

And did his son by freeing himself from the illusions of his father’s palace further realize that all human beings live in delusion? 54 more words


Psychology as fundamentally signals

I propose that we largely discard all other paradigms for human psychology and replace them with one based on signals. Humans are semiotic entities who signal constantly internally and externally. 352 more words

Functional Interpersonal Meta Linguistics (FIML)

Karma is ignorance

A Buddha has no karma because there is no ignorance.

Karma is the “work” ignorance does, the effects it generates in the mind-stream.

Karma disappears the moment it is fully understood; that is, the moment the ignorance underlying it is ended. 266 more words


How to Sculpt A Better World

Everyone’s born with a Dharma toolkit. Everyone. With these tools, we sculpt our worlds and ourselves.

But without the necessary skills and knowledge, these tools are used incorrectly, and the sketches we receive are unreadable. 303 more words


Heart Sutra Japanese Rock Style

Enjoy this beautiful chanting!

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Are humans biased in favor of punishment?

A new study indicates that we humans seem to get more reward from punishing wrongdoers compared to compensating victims.

…By combining a novel decision-making paradigm with functional neuroimaging, we identified specific brain networks that are involved with both the perception of, and response to, social injustice, …

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Functional Interpersonal Meta Linguistics (FIML)