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Misunderstood alternative to major banks

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WHEN it comes to home loans, people are cautious about where they get their money and often only want to deal with major banks. 3,691 more words


The True Sound of Truth

A devoted meditator, after years concentrating on a particular mantra, had attained enough insight to begin teaching. The student’s humility was far from perfect, but the teachers at the monastery were not worried. 382 more words


Special Practice Days - January and February 2017

1/27/2017 (Friday)

Last day of the Fire Monkey year

We would like to suggest reciting “The Prayer of Kuntuzangpo-The Primordial Buddha Samantabhadra “ on the last day of the Chinese and Tibetan Year on… 204 more words

Buddhist Practice

Getting a second opinion on your valuation

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THINK your home was worth paying that little bit extra for? 2,976 more words


Using truthful statements to lie

A recent paper explored the effects of using truthful statements to deceive others.

The authors of the paper call this behavior paltering and define it as “the active use of truthful statements to convey a misleading impression.” 332 more words


Out of Work Bodhisattvas

Lately I have been thinking of all the out of work Bodhisattvas wandering around smiling with signs saying, “ Will Gladly Share Merit” as people shuffle by with their heads down, some saying, “No thanks, I don’t need any.”  Others just pointing at the goody two shoes, laughing at them, “them bleeding heart liberals” they say, “You gotta earn your own merit boy”, while they walk around dissatisfied, and hollow, singing,  “ I built this! 1,000 more words

Buddhist Practice

Life lives on meaning

Biosemiotics is the study of signs and their interpretations by living organisms.

The interpretation of a sign is generally synonymous with its “meaning” for the entity that interprets it. 467 more words