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The Buddhist Precepts Drives Stability In Practice

By: David Xi-Ken Shi

We can look at the precepts in simple terms, their meaning can be considered broadly as encompassing the skills in positive communication that promotes social harmony, ethical and moral behavior that promotes human flourishing, respect for social justice that promotes how we awaken to our responsibility to cultural expectations that helps us to understand our “connectiveness” to all things, the importance for displaying civilized manners, and the critical characteristic that values stability in body-mind engagement in the world round us. 627 more words

Zen Priest: A Father's Birth

We are pleased to post this series of articles written by our Sub-Prior, Shi Yao-Xin, on his experience of becoming a parent from a Zen’s priest perspective. 1,152 more words

Fooling around on April 1 - #Aprilfoolsday

Fooling around on April 1,

be mindful to harm none

with your puns

Words and photo by Stephanie Mohan – April 1 2015


Fundamental Principles

Of all the religions, ideologies and creeds I’ve studied: Buddhism seems the most practical and realistic. Of the core Buddhist precepts, I find the Eightfold Noble Path… 101 more words


I follow the precepts taught by the Buddha - #buddhism

I have had intent to kill and have killed insects and animals,
I have stolen things that were not freely offered,
I have lied, gossiped and said malicious things, 37 more words


Awakening to nature and mind

Friday, Finally!
June 6, 2014

– Country living discoveries:
We recently moved from an apartment to a home with a half-acre of land and a creek running the western border.  730 more words

Detroit City FC

Conscience | My Experience

For me this has always been an internal matter. From the time I was a young girl I sought spiritual meaning. My grandparents were deeply religious in a real and humble way. 225 more words