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Tibet, various female deities (5)

Parnashavari, the ‘Wild Leafy One’, of Hindu origin, with three heads and six arms, wearing a jewelled skirt and blouse made of leaves, holds a… 388 more words


Nepal, Vasudhara

This early Malla sculpture depicts Vasudhara in her most popular form (Nepal mainly), with one head and six hands, the upper right one doing a gesture to accompany music, another expressing generosity, the others holding a bunch of jewels, a book, a sheaf of grain and a long-life vase. 207 more words


Nepal, early Malla Jambhala

The pot-bellied deity in his peaceful aspect, with a mongoose in is left hand and a citron in the other, adorned with a low tiara, princely jewellery, snakes, plus a showy celestial scarf. 125 more words