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Spectral Discourse

What follows is a chapter in search of a book. I originally wrote it for an edited volume on meditation and health. I thought that the editor’s idea for the book was very promising. 8,318 more words


Notes Towards a Coming Backlash

Notes Towards a Coming Backlash: Mindfulne$$ as an opiate of the middle classes

By Per Drougge*

The “Western Buddhist” stance is arguably the most effective way for us to fully participate in capitalist dynamics while retaining the appearance of mental sanity. 7,568 more words


true happiness...

Stop running and learn to sit quietly with yourself. Whatever you were running after can never bring you the happiness you are looking to gain….true happiness can only come from within… 12 more words

Why Westerners rebranded secular ethics as "Buddhist" and banned Tantra

Many of the Western creators of Consensus Buddhism say in their autobiographies that they went to Asia because they were disgusted with the sex-and-drugs hedonism of hippie culture. 959 more words


Reading the sutras -#haiku #buddhism

Reading the sutras,
people from past ages speak –
alone not alone.

Haiku and photo for meditation and reflection by Stephanie Mohan – August 2015