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the unthinkable update

once upon a time a student of spiritual masters was discovered by a community of committed and goodhearted worshippers, followers and supporters.

a few of those followers founded a flourishing enterprise, because the spiritual student had turned out to be a witty gold-ass and they wanted to keep him. 939 more words

Narcissistic Abuse

about responsibility and compassion

The part that I like the most in this video, starts after 1:15 hour. But of course the whole video is worth watching and listening! 46 more words


Are you imprisoned by your preferences?

In the past four posts, I’ve written about the mind states of loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity: the Brahma-viharas, heavenly abodes, that we cultivate through our practice of mindfulness. 1,664 more words


poem from gendun choepel

Antic Charade

No matter where, no matter who,

In Calcutta, Nepal or Beijing

Or in Lhasa in the land of snow mountains,

When I look at them like this, 228 more words

Toxic Relationship