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Shangri-La, China

When you hear the word ‘Shangri-La’, I’m guessing images of a mystical, utopian place come to mind. The term is typically associated with a dreamlike and paradise land, however, that is not the case at the real Shangri-La in Yunnan, China. 1,167 more words


Mongolian Monastery Library

Today I had the chance to visit the beautiful library at the Gandantegchenling Monastery, in Ulaan Battar, Mongolia. The library houses 108 volumes of the Kanguir, a Tibetan Buddhist canon, written in the 14th century. 75 more words

Libraries Around The World

shibao shan: haiyun temple & the shizhongshang grottos

Monday, February 9: After Alex and I walk around Shaxi Old Town and finish our lunch, we go with a hired driver (for 200 yuan) to… 853 more words


A Burmese Bar Mitzvah in Bagan

Buddhist temples are to Bagan, Myanmar as Starbucks coffee shops are to New York – there’s one every few feet. Or so it would seem. 999 more words


Bing-bong, Hong Kong--

  The Fragrant Harbor, Hong Kong, is always a wonderful destination. . .Hollywood Road, the amazing nighttime skyline, cozy temples, old tea houses for dim-sum, etc. and so on. 118 more words


Luang Prabang 

Our last stop in Laos was the much anticipated Luang Prabang. It’s about an 8 hour bus ride North from Phonsavan. As always in Laos, it takes much longer than you would expect to go any distance. 1,560 more words


Changu Narayan Temple, Nepal

Changu Narayan Temple, worshiped as ‘Narayan ‘ by Hindus and as ‘Harihar Bahan Lokeswar’ by Buddhists, is situated to the north of Bhaktapur, Nepal.
Presence of an ancient inscription within the temple from the Licchavi King Manadeva’s period (464 A.D) suggests its existence from the 5th century A.D. 214 more words