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Bamboo train, Banan and Bats

Time for the grand tour of Battambang. I say Battambang but all of the sights are actually outside of the city. I had agreed with my driver to start the full day tour at 9AM and off we went. 547 more words

LATEST POST: The Magic of Borobudur

As a kid, I dreamed of being a travelling explorer, yesteryear style. The thought of stumbling through a jungle in search of a long-forgotten temple appealed to my young brain. 2,323 more words


The Old Quarter's Hang Bac Temple

This was definitely the last temple of my Vietnamese visit. At least that’s what I told myself during my final days in Hanoi. I was enticed by the narrow passageway and then up steps. 52 more words


The Beauty and the Beast of Bagan

We took the JJ express (Joyous Journey) bus to Bagan from Yangon former capital of Myanmar/Burma. We had been on the bus for 8 hours when it dropped us off at 4 am in a deserted carpark in the middle of nowhere. 1,039 more words

K&A In Thailandia: Arriving in BANGKOK and Lopburi

It’s been quite some time since Koko and Airec last got together for a blog post. Life has thrown us in all different directions but here we are now, traveling the rich lands of Thailandia. 755 more words


Faux pas

We tried our hardest to be respectful and observe the numerous rules of the Buddhist pagodas and religious sites of Myanmar. We did well; most of the time. 322 more words

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