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Day 7: Kinkaku-ji, The Golden Pavilion

On the seventh day of my 8-Day adventure in Kyoto, the clouds gathered and a light rain fell through the warm, humid air as we made our way by bus to one of Kyoto’s most glamourous locations, Kinkaku-ji, The Temple of the Golden Pavilion. 504 more words


Gargoyle of the Day: Borobudur Temple, Java, Indonesia

Borobudur Temple is a massive Buddhist temple in Java, Indonesia. Built in the ninth century, Borobudur has a complex, tiered design and is richly decorated with hundreds of Buddha statues and thousands of relief-carved scenes depicting important Buddhist stories. 134 more words


Day 5: Arashiyama: Bamboo Forest and Monkey Park

About a month ago I spent a solid week, 8 days, hitting many of Kyoto’s greatest tourist attractions. On my fifth day I went out to the western edge of the city to a magical place called Arashiyama, a village nestled in the mountains by the mighty Katsura River. 866 more words


Kyoto Adventure, Day 4: Goryo Shrine, Nobunaga's Grave, and Doshisha U

After three full days of exploring some of Kyoto’s biggest tourist attractions we decided to take it a little easier, so on the fourth day of our… 692 more words


Touring the Special Spots of Singapore

Singapore is mostly known for family fun fare sights like Universal Studios, Night Safari and shopping, shopping, shopping.

What many people don’t know is that it boasts many of the world’s religious places of worship in its tiny country. 105 more words


Site Unseen

The translucent vinyl panels were rolled down so the rain wouldn’t come in. They obscured the view out of the back of the song-taew. Carlos was missing the scenery on this trip up the mountain. 1,121 more words

8 Days of Adventure; Day Two; Part One: Nishi Honganji and Nijō Castle

On the second day of my 8 days of Adventure in Kyoto I visited Nishi Honganji, a major Buddhist temple in downtown Kyoto, and Nijō Castle, another famed historical site nearby. 1,180 more words