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Photo Of The Day | Borobudur Temple

Travelers from all over the world come to Yogyakarta, Indonesia to see Borobudur Temple – the world’s largest Buddhist temple.


Day 99...Wat U-Mong--

Here we are checkin’ out one of the most interesting wats in all of Chiang Mai: Wat U-Mong.  U-Mong means ‘tunnel’ in Thai, and this wat has tunnels running all through and under it.   207 more words

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Day 92...Chiang Mai Historical Center--

BOOM!  The Chiang Mai Historical Center is just a couple of blocks away from our house here in the Old Quarter of town, and it is the perfect way for nomadic wanderers like us to spend a lazy afternoon.   235 more words

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My Bodh Gaya Experience

Hey guys, I’m back :-) Today’s post is about my visit to Bodh Gaya, the most important and sacred Buddhist pilgrimage centre in the world. Lord Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, is said to have achieved spiritual enlightenment here some 2500 years ago. 4,937 more words

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Going down to Smiley Town

The nickname for Thailand is “The land of the smiley people” and in precisely 2 weeks time I will be smiling along with them as I’m off to Thailand! 259 more words


Day 7: Kinkaku-ji, The Golden Pavilion

On the seventh day of my 8-Day adventure in Kyoto, the clouds gathered and a light rain fell through the warm, humid air as we made our way by bus to one of Kyoto’s most glamourous locations, Kinkaku-ji, The Temple of the Golden Pavilion. 504 more words


Day 5: Arashiyama: Bamboo Forest and Monkey Park

About a month ago I spent a solid week, 8 days, hitting many of Kyoto’s greatest tourist attractions. On my fifth day I went out to the western edge of the city to a magical place called Arashiyama, a village nestled in the mountains by the mighty Katsura River. 866 more words