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My first book is coming out this Thursday!

<shameless plug>

I am so excited because I’ve been wanting to show off this beautiful cover for a while now! On March 2nd, 2017, my first book will be available worldwide on Amazon! 15 more words



Happy Losar!  No—I didn’t hurl a confusing insult at you–today is the Tibetan New Year Festival “Losar.” Although it is putatively a Buddhist version of the Chinese New Year, Losar predated the arrival of Buddhism in Tibet and it is on a somewhat different place in the calendar than Chinese New Year. 145 more words

Buddhist art photography in Kathmandu

From a large collection of photographs taken across many years spent in Nepal I’ve recently been posting a few on Instagram using different filter and manipulation techniques. 8 more words


Remain Balanced

Via Venerable Wuling:

Whatever the situation,
adverse or favorable, remain balanced
in your Buddha-name chanting:
unwavering and determined.

Lurching first in one direction and then another, our mind, jolted from its clear and natural state, becomes distracted and agitated. 123 more words


Wing Chun: Raw gums and half remembered science

He was missing his four front teeth. This seemed to make life more inconvenient. He infrequently slurped saliva back into his mouth, limiting the trail from dribbling down his beard. 513 more words


Buddhism’s Four Noble Truths

“Some Western philosophers and theologians find it difficult to accept Buddha’s refusal to present a theology or system of metaphysics. But Buddha’s goal was existential and pragmatic.”

46 more words


If I ask you
“Does a circle
have both inside
and outside?” what do you say?
If you cut it into
three pieces,
which has inside, … 20 more words