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The $64,000 Question-"Are you a Christian?"

I was invited to lead a discussion recently on wonderful book that melds the beliefs of Christians, Jews, Buddhist and Hindus. A book that mirrors many of my thoughts, views, faith and beliefs. 513 more words


Anchor symbolism 

I started seeing these bracelets on Instagram a few months back and since I use paracord for my pendants I decided to make one of these. 99 more words



The gong reverberates, its depth hangs in the air, fades like a slowly retreating army.

The zafu is at once coarse and caressing, nestling me as I settle down into becoming one with the earth, the zabuton, a fluid translator.   80 more words


Right and Wrong

There is a theme concerning ethics going around in the modern personal development circles involving Right and Wrong, Good and Evil, correct and incorrect. The modern idea states there is no such thing as Right or Wrong in human behavior, that the universe is subjective and that no one has the liberty to judge another person whatsoever. 2,789 more words

Life Philosophy


YAKUSAN HOLDS IT         鐵笛倒吹

 Sit just above
the peak of the highest mountain
and reach up with open fingers,
what will you grasp?
Walk slowly across… 75 more words


Unrelated thought #5

In the time of great stress and problems: one thought at a time, one step at a time.


Kannon, have compassion
for us, as if you
could do otherwise.
We don’t seek wisdom,
that’s out
of your department.
We all seek enlightenment
as if it is some… 28 more words