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The youngest child,
her mind uncluttered,
can answer any question
unburdened by words,
and her answers
can only rebound
across the universe.
If you stop struggling… 24 more words


Extract from An Appeal by the Dalai Lama to the World

‚ÄčI believe that humans can get by without religion, but not without inner values, not without ethics. The difference between ethics and religion is like the difference between water and tea. 125 more words


I can no more
imagine a lack of freedom
then they can imagine
the freedom I assume.
It is always like that
imaginings are real… 67 more words


Sri Lankan Angels

Along our journey, we met some truly amazing people! Some of them were fellow travelers, some were locals. I mentioned in a previous post how much the people of Sri Lanka ended up transforming my opinion of their country for the better. 1,527 more words

Cultural Exchange

Back at the Beginning of Creation

I wish I could conjure a way to lay this restless yearning back inside my bones, where it was once quiet. If I could do that, then the mountains might stop whispering to me through the cracks between every other thought, and maybe I’d be able to think straight again. 643 more words

West Coast Buddha