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Polishing through to happiness 5-20-2018

Attraction and repulsion seem to be opposites.  We want to attract more of what we like and move away from what we do not like.  But both are really wanting; as we want something to continue or we want something to stop. 486 more words

Why did I choose to blog?

There are so many blogs out there that it makes you wonder, who will even read this? To be honest, I have no idea who will read this. 335 more words

Scenic Sunday: Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu

There has been a Buddhist Stupa on this site since the 5th Century, but this structure dates from the 14th Century. The stupa dome is as significant to Buddhists as the cross is to Christians and this particular stupa is the holiest Tibetan Buddhist site outside Tibet with each layer and level being symbolic. 31 more words


The dark side of Charity....

The “Ten Paramita’s” play a big part in Buddhist practice.  One of the ten is Dana (generosity) or giving freely.  This can be giving alms to the monks, monetary support of the monastics, giving of the teachings of the Dhamma, or charitable giving.  1,312 more words


I Am Nothing

I am nothing

I am not a Muslim

I am not a Christian

I am not a Buddhist

I am not a Hindu

I am not even an Atheist… 27 more words


Manners in Buddhist temple.

There are unstated rules when it comes to Buddhism. Especially rules within the temple, monastery or Buddhist centres.

Some of us may mistaken that the rigid rules are set by foggy old monks and nuns who have lost touched with the modern world. 760 more words