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Problem with Buddy Jesus

I grew up in a non-Christian home, but my parents knew that Jesus is the God of Christians.  Even though my parents did not believe, they knew to respect Jesus as a god.  362 more words

Spiritual Formation

When did Science turn into an accessory?

1.  Whose idea was it to schedule school picture day on the same day that Science Project Hats are due?

2.  When did we stop making science projects, and instead make science projects that have to be worn on a hat? 330 more words

Random Crap

The Inspiration Section & Placebo Jesus

“For false christs and false prophets will arise and perform great sings and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.”
~Matthew 24:24…
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Personal Reflections

Sinner, what are you fighting for?

I read this quote today by Shane Claiborne ( I know ally quotes are coming from him
Lately, but that’s what I’m reading and the Holy Spirit is sure using it) “Rebirth means that we have a new paradigm of ‘us’ and ‘them.’ Our central identity is no longer biological…our new ‘us’ is the church, the people of God doing the will of the Father.” After reading this I just felt hugely convicted for myself. 545 more words


Halloween, for me, is one of the most exciting holidays out there. It started as a pagan celebration in Ireland, as a Celtic festival of Samhain.  847 more words