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Labor of Love: Hurricane Creek Park

In 1961, Buddy Rogers purchased 120 acres of land in Cullman County and got to work making a dream come true. Buddy was a decorated fighter pilot in World War II who spent time after the war studying aerial photography near Denver. 2,440 more words

Trail Description

Past Imperfect - #18

Despite the clever outfits and the nice graphic on the wall behind them, Clara was still in for a big surprise on how this evening was going to turn out…


The Crooner's Song

Closed eyes

floating on calm ocean waves

Infinite calm and joy

The grandeur of the music swelling!

The sensational ecstasy of my ears

spreads to the whole body… 118 more words

Buddy Rogers

god of reason

Egyptian slaves in our century

David’s star turns cold because

the chosen wander while

genius causing jealous fire

warns the world of the turn

Martyrs harken the world… 92 more words

Buddy Rogers

City Falling

Not quite the age of eight

I walked home with no care in the world

Expecting to come home to a full plate

looking in my insides curled… 92 more words

Buddy Rogers

Two Trees

Two trees stood tall

the pair like twins

the grass neatly creating a hallow’d hall

Kiss the ground and confess thy sins

It’s no good to hold it in… 179 more words

Buddy Rogers


She said yes

He said no

She died that day

He was let go

he will be haunted by her laying lo

Do it over and change she would say nay… 69 more words

Buddy Rogers