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Some weekend critter photos

I’m just super busy…photography has taken a hit on my list of “stuff I’m able to do right now.” But I managed to get a few snaps of two dogs and one cat today.



My friend has made the conscious decision to lose weight.  Problem is her hubby is an enabler and not a valid support.

I have offered my support for her, you know create a buddy system. 192 more words

Sometimes the cute won't stop

Lest our gentle readers be dashed into depths of distress over the contents of the previous post, the caretaker decided to share with you the scene that met her eyes when she walked down the hall with an armload of clean laundry.  36 more words


The King is Indisposed

Gentle readers, Stratford Palace has been a most stressful place over the past few months, and none of its denizens has been more affected than its beloved monarch, His Royal Highness Merlin “Buddy” Blacktail, Emperor of the Front Lawn and Protector of the Storm Door. 457 more words


My Run Came Alive When My IPod Died

I had just started the last mile and a half of my five mile run when the worst thing happened. That’s right- my music cut off as my Ipod’s juice ran out. 299 more words


Get me outta here!

I have decided I don’t like long distance driving. It’s horrible. I can’t move; I’ve nothing fun to play with except Mummy’s phone, but even that gets boring after a while. 240 more words