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Happy #95

Hi you!,

Waddup Fam? How is life?

Mine is good and bad at the same time. I have been applying for new jobs on a regular. 351 more words


I can reach!

I have learnt something that I think is AWESOME. I can pull myself UP onto things. Like cots, and couches, and tables. It’s fun. And then when I get to standing; I sometimes look around to get recognition, because as you know it’s hard to do. 166 more words


Finding The Perfect Travel Buddy

No matter how love you are travelling solo, face the fact that you will never be alone. Some other traveller will come to you and even offer you their companionship. 1,005 more words



The people we surround ourself with have a big influence on the story of our lives. Lucky people end up having great friends whereas unlucky people end up with a negative circle. 487 more words


Welcome to the Adventures of Buddy the Blind Dog!

Two years ago my mom adopted our family dog, Buddy. Buddy is a six year old English Setter with one goofy personality and we instantly fell in love in love with him. 164 more words


Welcome Me

Hi all, Buddy Smithee here and I want you to know that I know that you want to know what this, and when I say this I mean Buddy, that would be me, is all about. 122 more words