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I have created a self hosted version of buddypress again at http://vampiresweb.sz.cx It will feature posts from here as well (imported) and also a wiki system, forums, disqus and also profiles and more soon, but also mainly did it because of the polls, and that site has more polls than our current blog here. 52 more words

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3 websites WordPress is not very good at

WordPress is a large and feature-rich content management system and you can build everything you want with it. Even though it excels at so many things – that’s why it’s the best CMS on the planet these days and it always was – it has its own weaknesses. 582 more words



BuddyPress 2.4.0 Beta 2 is available for testing. Please download the 2.4.0-beta2 zip or get a copy via our Subversion repository. If you are a plugin or theme developer, or are running a BuddyPress powered site with a development environment available, we’d love to have your help with testing.

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BuddyPress Cover Images

This is the most common case. The BP Theme Compat API is dynamically registering Cover Images for your members (if the the xProfile component is active) and/or your groups (if the Groups component is active) by: Adding the feature to the features property of the component (buddypress()->profile->features and/or buddypress()->groups->features) Adding the feature settings to the features property of the Theme Compat theme in use (BP Legacy in most cases: buddypress()->theme_compat->theme->features). 34 more words