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Brand choice on a budget, a study of consumer trade-off considerations

author: Joyce Wilbers

Purpose – This research investigates how consumers make a final brand choice when
constrained with a limited budget and what influences their decisions, while taking into account… 245 more words

7 Crazy Situations Breastfeeding Moms Go Through

Breastfeeding by itself is challenging. The learning curve can drive a mom crazy. Here are other crazy things that drive breastfeeding mothers crazier and only breastfeeding mothers can understand. 857 more words

Quotes & Links #51

1) andrewgelman.com: The illusion of the illusion of control

2) quantamagazine.org: Strange Stars Pulse to the Golden Mean

Learned, a neutrino physicist at the University of Hawaii, Mānoa, has a pet theory that super-advanced alien civilizations might send messages by tickling stars with neutrino beams, eliciting Morse code-like pulses.

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Quotes & Links Absurd

#UK: #LocalCouncils in Desperate Need of #Innovation

Councils need some serious innovation given the budget constraints they now need to adhere to. They need this to deliver the same quality in services, but at a much lower cost overhead. 256 more words

“The Special Education students should be in institutions not many are going to bring much to society. Anonymous Caller on a local radio station

Does that get your attention?

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My Post Office Box

Yes, I’ve had my box for a little over a year. Due to budget constraints, (wow, sounds so official) I resorted to getting one at the Federal Post Office, as opposed to the privately run Postal Center. 243 more words

Life As Fun

The Interview Debrief

The things you can learn during an interview debrief

The Process:

I applied on June 20th (along with 190+people)

I made it to the next round on Sept 6th, a written debrief note (along with 27 of the 190+ people) 274 more words