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Algeria must be an incredibly healthy place to live.

After all, during a routine review by the French Court of Auditors into the accounts of France’s National Old Age Insurance Fund (CNAV) auditors found that Algeria has 55,000 retirees aged 100 years or more. 232 more words

5 Apps for money saving and budget control

There are many tools available to control your money flow and track your financials.Following are the 5 apps which will be useful in money saving and budget control. 282 more words

Configure account structures

This article describes how to use the configure account structures form in Dynamics AX 2012. The configure account structures functionality is used to define valid combinations of main account and financial dimensions as well as the seizure order from the main account and dimensions. 756 more words

GL Setup

Setup budget control

This article describes how to setup the budget control in Dynamics AX 2012. Budget control is a method of enforcing that sufficient budget funds are available for planned or actual purchases. 1,218 more words



Whatever happens in the USA will, soon enough, be experienced in the rest of the western world. Thus it is interesting to note that the debate over budget deficit, taxes and unemployment is being driven by large-scale changes in the American population — not the new demographics of the young but rather the old demographics of the baby boom. 264 more words

WSJ || Sequester is bad medicine But the only medicine for now

Love the cartoon, yay WSJ!

WSJ OPINIONAugust 11, 2013, 6:18 p.m. The Budget Sequester Is a Success
The Obama spending blitz is over and the deficit is heading below 4% of GDP…

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Sequestration to Make You Feel Guilty

Barack Obama is a master politician!

President Barack Obama wants to shock Congress into not implementing sequestration.  To motivate Congress he has directed cut backs in employment of workers and critical military support just to get your attention. 204 more words