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How Congress Lost Its Way, Its Staff, Its Brains, and How to Restore the Balance of Power

This is a very informative, very important, and very distressing article that appeared in the Washington Post. It is a shocking account of how Congress was stripped of its staff, how its intellectual firepower was stifled by deep cuts to the Congressional Research Service, The Congressional Budget Office, and the General Accountability Office, nonpartisan sources of independent analysis that serve Congress. 2,153 more words


On Deaf Ears

our union may vote
to strike down inequity
would anyone care?


What I Said at UTLA Rally on January 16 at Alexander Hamilton High School

This is a video of my brief remarks at the UTLA rally at Alexander Hamilton High School in Los Angeles on January 16. Hundreds of teachers, parents, students, and supporters picketed that morning in support of UTLA’s just demands for smaller classes and additional resources for nurses, counselors and other staff. 79 more words

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What’s at Stake in L.A. Teachers’ Strike: The Survival of Public Education

The New York Times editorial and opinion pages have been a cheering section for charter expansion for years. I have tried and failed to get articles about the dangers of privatization on the op-Ed page. 1,438 more words

Education Reform

Carol Burris: Texas Has Some Really Bad Ideas about How to Fix School Funding

In 2011, the Texas government cut $5.4 billion from the budget for public schools; thousands of teachers were laid off. (If you open the links, you will see that the NPR report says the budget cut was “over $4 billion” and describes the devastating impact on schools, but the actual figure was $5.4 billion in cuts.) In the seven years then, the state has restored some of that deep cut, but the enrollment in the schools has far outstripped any increases in the budget. 528 more words

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