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Connecticut Governor Malloy and His Wisconsin Moment

Jonathan Pelto writes about Connecticut Governor Dannell Malloy’s promise to prevents “Wisconsin Moment” in his state. Since his election and re-election, Pelto says, Malloy has inflicted a “Wisconsin era” on Connecticut. 200 more words

Budget Cuts

Detroit: Teachers Want to Be Paid for Working

A bizarre story from Detroit. Teachers are holding a “sick-out” to protest the fact that they won’t be paid for working. They have been told that they should… 62 more words

Budget Cuts

Boston: Can Parents and Students Save the Public Schools?

Our reader Christine Langhoff writes about the current crisis in public education in Boston:

To use the common idiom, Boston is “woke”!

Parents, teachers and allies of public education protested on a frigid January night outside the mayor’s State of the City address. 470 more words

Charter Schools

Peter Greene on McKinsey Plan to Close Public Schools in Boston

Listen up, friends! Your own school district might hire McKinsey or Boston Consulting Group, and you need to know that they have a template for “right-sizing” the district. 187 more words

Education Reform

Emergency Solutions Grants

Emergency Solutions Grants (ESGs) are used by local communities for emergency shelters, temporary rental assistance and other services that help families avoid homelessness; these grants face up to a 34 percent cut.



Boston: McKinsey Recommends Closing 40% of Public Schools to Save Money

The Boston Globe reports that Boston gave McKinsey $660,000 to audit the schools. McKinsey proposed that the city could save millions by closing 40% of its public schools. 158 more words

Education Reform

Why College Can Wait

By Katherine Thigpen

It has been 10 years since I graduated high school and decided to go off to college. I remember my surprise when I won a scholarship, and the anxiety I felt leaving home. 712 more words

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