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A Very British Terror Plot: Part 2

Outside the bank, a team of bomb disposable squad was dealing with Matthew, a man who was unfortunate tied to a large ticking bomb. The team was compressed of Matches, Chief, and Copperhead, all in body armour and blast shields. 979 more words


They Buy We Sigh: The Curse Of Losing Public Ownership

William Blake: “When nations grow old, the Arts grow cold, and Commerce  settles on every tree.”

    Dullards Sell Off The Nation’s Family Home

For this: 1,663 more words


Now, M. Couillard

Now, with all the previous things said in the anti-austerity rant…

Dear M. Couillard:

As a tax payer in Québec, a middle class, employed, individual, I applaud your efforts to balance our budget in the province, I cheer your attempts to haul us out of debt, regardless of the kicking and screaming of the citizens with the undeserved sense of entitlement – unions, students and the Marxist morons. 307 more words

Observations And Whatnot

Illinois Budget Cuts May Affect Amtrak, Residents

Illinois (IRN) –Local and regional Amtrak systems along with their passengers, could suffer under a proposed Illinois budget for the 2016 fiscal year.

Dan Johnson of the Midwest High Speed Rail Association says everyone believed that there would be some consequences. 118 more words


Governor Private Equity restores some social service cuts. What a cruel s.o.b.

This morning governor Private Equity announced he would restore the $26 million in social service cuts he unilaterally made to the state budget.

He claims he found money. 161 more words

Budget Cuts

Viewpoint: If education is a business, students should reevaluate their investment

In the business of education, students enter into both an academic and moral contract with administrators upon enrolling in university.

The services exchanged for rising tuition dollars are obvious — an accredited degree, student resources, networking opportunities via social organizations — but rarely do consumers factor… 674 more words


'You can have an impact': Patti Vasquez talks about Gov. Rauner's decision to restore Good Friday budget cuts

Gov. Bruce Rauner plans to restore approximately $26 million in grant cuts for services ranging from autism treatment to burial services for the poor after a new revenue forecast estimates the state is expected to bring in more money this year than initially anticipated. 136 more words