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Fiscal Impact of Two Charter Schools on Public Schools of Worcester, Massachusetts

In the battle over Question 2–whether to expand the number of charter schools by a dozen a year indefinitely into the future–sentiment is running against the proposal, despite the millions of dollars spent on television ads by the pro-charter groups. 388 more words

Charter Schools

More than 200 Communities in Massachusetts Say NO to Charter Expansion

The number of towns saying NO to Question 2 now exceeds 200 in Massachusetts.

Out-of-state billionaires have poured $20 million into the campaign to pass Question 2, which would cause budget cuts to the state’s public schools so that the charter industry could grow by 12 a year indefinitely. 20 more words

Charter Schools

Texas: Here Comes the Voucher Fight Again

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, former talk show host, really wants vouchers for the millions of students in Texas. Fortunately, he has been defeated year after year by a coalition of rural Tepublicans and urban Democrats. 231 more words


Report: Most States Have Cut Spending on Education

The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities documents how states are disinvesting in K-12 education.

This report shows the dramatic contradiction between political rhetoric and economic reality. 423 more words


World Premiere of "Backpack Full of Cash" in Philadelphia

If you live anywhere near Philadelphia, you should not miss the premiere of the stunning documentary “Backpack Full of Cash.” It is an expose of the corporate education reform movement. 480 more words

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Families ask judge to stop planned privatization of group homes

(WTNH) — Families of some developmentally delayed adults are fighting a move to privatize some of Connecticut’s group homes.

One of those families has asked a judge to stop Gov. 288 more words


Rally against proposed state budget cuts planned for tonight

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Several state agencies across Texas are being told they may have to make some big cuts to basic services in 2018 and 2019. 397 more words