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I also grew up homeless

To date, the efforts have raised $12,000, enough to handle his first-year expenses not covered by loans or grants. The bigger goal is to raise the funds for all four years of college. 21 more words


being numb to homelessness

But being numb to homelessness has social costs that are greater than people realize. “Letting a lot of people become homeless it is not smart move,” Roman said of the fact that the stimulus monies that have kept homelessness at a steady rate are running out. 27 more words

Homeless Families

Mike Klonsky: The Debacle of School Reform in Chicago

The next time you hear boastful claims about “reform,” think Chicago.

Poor Chicago! Arne Duncan launched his version of reform there in 2001, with Gates funding. 108 more words

Education Reform

Chicago: Parents Stage a Billion-Dollar Bake Sale for the Public Schools

Guess who really puts children first? Their parents!

MEDIA ALERT: Wednesday, May 25th, 9:00 a.m.

Billion Dollar Bake Sale/Rally Demands Budget Solution; Sustainable Revenue for CPS… 239 more words


A New Beat For Bookworms

The Scranton Public Library is gearing up for a real page turner of an event.  It ties into the seventh annual “Swingin’ On Vine!”

The big block party on Friday runs from 5 p.m. 178 more words


This bleak picture is about to get worse

While 140,000 fewer low-income families will receive vouchers by early 2014—increasing the risk of homelessness for many families already deemed at-risk—there will simultaneously be cuts in federal funding that enables communities to assist homeless people.



Section 8 voucher program has been around for nearly 40 years

“These kinds of cuts are really unprecedented,” Rice told me. “The Section 8 voucher program has been around for nearly 40 years—it was created during the Nixon Administration and has had strong, bipartisan support for its entire history. 28 more words