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OP-ED: Not either/or but both/and

This op-ed piece had its beginnings in a recent phone call I had with a longtime Pendleton friend, Russ Hensley. What I didn’t know at the time was Russ had also submitted a letter to the East Oregonian, which ran the day before he called, which summarized what he shared on the phone. 68 more words

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The Alberta Budget: Door No. 1, Door No. 2 or Door No. 3?

Before you let the Opposition parties scare you to death with apocalyptic warnings that Alberta is “drowning in debt”, “driving over a fiscal cliff” and “unfairly burdening future generations” read this… 684 more words

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OUR VIEW: Making a long-term investment

In a year when legislative monetary handouts will be limited, the saddest casualty of fiscal prudence may be proper funding for higher education in Oregon. 58 more words

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Bladine: Tax hikes become preferred solution

Oregon state and local governments have more money, but provide fewer services. The clarion call from those who presided over creation of our budget crisis is to raises taxes. 37 more words

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Are we running a deficit in politicians

Not a lot has been made of the quick turnabout in policy. Philip Hammond presented a budget with lots of facts and figures and within a week, the key economic policy – being sensible – is out of the window and the budget has a £2bn hole in it. 239 more words

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Trump's "Skinny Budget" Has A Lot Of Military

President Trump released what is called a “skinny budget.”   It may contain far less information then the skinny budgets released by the five previous administrations, but its aim is crystal clear: more money for militarism, less money for pretty much everything else. 886 more words


Editorial: Budget path still open for Legislature

Normally, polls taken by various groups during the heat of a legislative session need to be taken with a grain of salt, or two: You need to view them through the lens of the group that’s paid for the poll. 45 more words

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