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John McDonnell and the Great Leap Backward

Well, that was surreal.

It’s a while since anyone thought it useful to quote Mao Zedong, leader of China’s Communist Revolution and author of the biggest humanitarian disasters of the 20th century, in the Mother of Parliaments at Westminster. 648 more words


Advice to the Prime Minister/President

By Alasdair Macleod – Re-Blogged From http://www.GoldMoney.com

Your country faces a stagnating economy. Let us assume your Prime Minister (or President if that is who holds the executive power) seeks advice from two imaginary economists. 1,571 more words
GDP & Employment

Retail Is Still Waiting for a Jump Start: What We Learned During the Week of November 9-13

Retail continues to wobble while the number of job openings remains strong. Here are the 5 things we learned from U.S. economic data released during the week ending November 13. 715 more words


Let's Control Our Government

   By Bob Shapiro

In recent days, Congress has raised the National Debt Ceiling once again. The new ceiling of $20+ Trillion probably will not be hit until 2017, after the next election. 857 more words

GDP & Employment

Detroit Schools: Budget Deficit Smaller Than Projected

DETROIT (AP) – A new report shows that the budget deficit for the Detroit Public Schools district is smaller than originally projected, officials announced Tuesday. 301 more words


World’s Largest Debtor Ever Raises US ‘Debt Ceiling’…Again

By Mark O’Byrne – Re=Blogged From http://www.Gold-Eagle.com

The US government has once again agreed to increase its so-called debt “ceiling” – this time from $18.5 trillion to $20 trillion.   296 more words

Monetary Policy

社会と情報 60: 戦った報道 17

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< 2.日本の財政指数推移 >

凡例: 濃い実線=毎年の政府債務/GDP。


黄色枠A: 軍事大国化。日清・日露戦争から第一次世界大戦まで。

緑色枠C: 好景気。第一次世界大戦中(1914~1917)。

灰色枠D: 悪化し続ける経済。第一次世界大戦以降、満州事変(1931年)まで。

赤色枠E: 軍部独裁。満州事変から太平洋戦争まで。

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