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Diary Day 307: a pound is worth less than a euro at some airports. ONS reports large increase in deficit. Bank of America's legal entities will go to Dublin. Cable states his party's historically important role. 

My #Remainer’s Diary Day 307: as school summer holidays began, people departing from Gatwick, Luton or Birmingham airport were being offered an exchange rate of less than one euro for a pound. 1,041 more words


Gov. Brown after contentious session: 'We must tackle the long-term structural deficit' 

The Oregon Legislature has adjourned the 2017 session that saw the passage of record-funding for schools, a long-term transportation package, gun restrictions, cost-free abortions and health care funding for Medicaid and undocumented immigrants. 14 more words

Oregon Legislature

Editorial: Oregon must be careful about adding health care entitlements

As Oregon lawmakers rush to finish business so they can go home, they’re being peppered with bills that, although they got brief attention at the beginning of this legislative session, have been on the back burner for months. 32 more words

Oregon Legislature

Welcome To The Third World, Part 24: Illinois About To Default?

By John Rubino – Re-Blogged From Dollar Collapse

The train wreck that is the state of Illinois has generated a lot of questions lately, including “Will its government ever pass a budget?”, “Will it ever pay its overdue bills?”, and “Is it possible for a state to go bankrupt?” 539 more words

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IL Gov. Rauner's Ads?

He claims they have nothing to do with the 2018 primary — one year from now. As if it’s not off-putting enough to see the Governor in a plaid shirt presumably in his garage in endless ads that I’d love to be collecting the cost to run. 241 more words

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Broke: Treasury to run out of cash by September, leading to default or payment delays

(National SentinelGovernment: After Congress returns from its month-long recess in August, lawmakers face a dire emergency: The Treasury will run out of funds less than a month later, which could cause massive defaults or, at a minimum, payment delays. 526 more words


Secular Stagnation

Government policy makers, no matter the party in power, like to project a rosy future. However, claims of economic renewal, absent fundamental changes in the structure and workings of the US economy, should not be taken seriously.  618 more words