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Chicken and Mushroom in Garlic White Wine

So you might’ve mentioned on your Tinder profile you like to hike (max 2 miles), travel (to the nearest pizza joint), work out (once a month…maybe) and cook (order take out), and maybe you might’ve thought this was going to be a fling and it wasn’t going to last, but now it’s Valentine’s day and he/she’s like let’s avoid the V-day traffic, be romantic and cook at home. 381 more words

Quick And Easy

Rice Crispy Treats

One of the ultimate snack foods for me growing up was the rice crispy treat. The delicious crackle of the beloved cereal combined with the gooey pull of sweet marshmallow was a staple of my childhood. 244 more words

Budget Dinner

Curry day!

I promised my co worker that I will make more vegetable curry and chicken curry top share. Well she is making her vegan chocolate cookies that I swear I can eat the whole container of it. 759 more words

Indonesian Food

Korean ground beef with rice

Everyday I would take one of my meat from the freezer before I go to work. So I have a whole day to think about what and how to turn this frozen meat into dinner in a flash. 301 more words

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10 Meals for $13 - Meal Prepping Baked Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, and Garlic-Roasted Green Beans

When you start meal prepping, you’re going to need food that will wow your taste buds — otherwise, you’re going to have some trouble trying to eat it every day for even 5 days. 446 more words


11 Meals for $10 – Meal Prepping Dirty Rice

Everyone loves a little Cajun in their diet – and dirty rice made like this will be a Creole delight your taste buds never have seen before. 408 more words


Small budget big meal


It has been a while since I last posted. This past weekend we traveled back home to celebrate my brother graduating with his masters! I only took 2 pictures while we were there, I guess I was so busy trying to fit in seeing all our friends and family I forgot to take pictures to document the weekend, oops! 547 more words