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Cheap Eating Challenge

I have set myself a challenge to supply myself an entire weeks worth of food for $30 NZ dollars, for the next few weeks.

I order a $12 fruit and veg pack every week. 55 more words

New Zealand

Slow Cooker Carrot Ginger Soup

This delicious carrot soup recipe is perfect for winter or early spring — hearty and refreshing at the same time with a tasty blend of carrots, ginger, orange zest and spices. 311 more words

Reflections on the Breadline Challenge

Finally we’ve got to the last day of the 2016 Breadline Challenge – thank goodness.

I felt like I’d planned a lot better than last year, and was able to draw on some of those lessons.   923 more words


Breadline Challenge Day 5

Hitting that mid week-slump

Okay, so it’s technically Friday but I really felt like I hit that famous mid-week slump today.  When I woke up this morning I had absolutely no energy whatsoever, and spent an hour procrastinating about getting up to make a cuppa.   914 more words


Simple cheap starter recipes for first time cooks.

This one goes out to all students out there who are facing the prospect of cooking for yourself for the first time.

You arrive at Uni with a random assortment of pans and cutlery supplied by IKEA or your nan.So far you have avoided the kitchen. 423 more words

Vegetarian & Vegan Eating

Breadline Challenge Day 4

Doing the Breadline Challenge as a student 

Written by Amelia, our Student Liaison Coordinator

Going from a catered student diet supplemented with cereal bars, pasta and at least four cups of coffee a day to a £2.50 daily budget and an entirely self-catered menu was always bound to be a challenge, and so far the week has been a real eye-opener. 768 more words


Breadline Challenge Day 3 Guest Post

Yesterday was a bit of a busy one, with catering for an event at Food Matters Live (ferrying brownies across London on the DLR) so we didn’t have time to write our usual daily Breadline Challenge blog (days 3 & 4 will be covered in this evening’s post). 2,985 more words

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