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Broccoli & tomato pasta

Love me some pasta. Love me some Dried Durum Wholewheat Semolina Pasta <3 And perf combination of broccoli and tomato sauce just takes this deliciousness to the next level. 260 more words

Budget Meal

Lazy Weekend

Hi, I’m Margherita. And I’m an MSc student. I don’t know much about my international fellow students, but I spend a lot of time at home “trying” to study. 392 more words

Budget Meal

Western Noodles

There is just something about eating noodles. That sudden desire for Chinese food during the lecture just before lunch. Here is a simple and rather western interpretation of those noodles. 238 more words

Budget Meal

Tomato Courgettes

Are you bored of eating the usual boring courgette/zucchini, cooked always in the same way? Do you want to get rid of that pesto sauce that has been sitting in the fridge for forever? 182 more words

Budget Meal

Dinner for one

Student dinner for one, with a little help from Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Sausages. After all, I am in the UK, how can I possibly miss out on a sausage-night? 38 more words

Budget Meal

Easy quinoa spinach salad

For a quick and easy university lunch, or for one of those days when you just feel like eating a big bowl of nutritional veggies. Makes you full without having to eat too many calories. 77 more words

Budget Meal

Wonderland: A Langkawi Institution

Tourist guides and websites may mention it in a line or two, but you have to talk to a local Langkawian to get a sense of how awesome Wonderland really is. 432 more words