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5 Great Ways to Save Money on Books

Hey friends! To continue with our week of all things book-related here on Finding Delight, I’ve got a guest post by fellow blogger and book-lover, … 1,066 more words


5 weekend getaways from Hong Kong on a budget

Me: I really want to travel. Bank account: Like … to the backyard?

Sounds like the story of your life? We feel your pain… But don’t despair, as we’ve assembled the best weekend getaways from Hong Kong on a small budget. 527 more words

Budget Tips

The Great Marketing Myth: "90 Days Same as Cash"

My goal for RTM Solutions (the header I do all things outside of the blog under) is for people to understand personal finance without having to (1) have a financial degree, (2) read 300 pages on the philosophy of money, and (3) listen to boring lectures on high-level concepts that whiz past your head. 534 more words

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5 Common, but forgivable, Budget Mistakes

If you have a written game plan for your finances that you update with your spouse every month, congratulations! Only 30% of adults do a budget, so that is a huge step that will put you on the right path to building wealth. 570 more words

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Quick Budget Tip #2: Shop Around Your Insurance Policies

Regardless of what your financial status is in life, it is always a good idea to have following insurance coverages:

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“What should be at the top of my budget?”

A good question here as many people struggle to prioritize payments. I have a really simple way of looking at this question: Think about those who are closest to you in your life, they should be at the top of your budget. 395 more words

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10 creative ways to turn your trash into treasures

While Hong Kong is a shopping paradise and good bargains can be found anywhere, nothing beats recycling! Turn things you already own into something new and save money.  79 more words

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