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Budgeting: tips and April roundup.

April was the first month I tried to create a budget and stick to it. After the last couple of months had slowly eaten away at my bank accounts, I decided it was time to buckle down and stop spending money willy-dilly. 1,119 more words

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Tweaked Menu Planning

by Elizabeth B. Fulgaro, CFP AFC

How highly touted it is to eat “gourmet”, to enjoy those culinary delights which are considered the finer things. However, it can have an interestingly positive impact on your pocketbook to consider why some of these regional dishes were developed, which we now consider specialties. 476 more words

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Nightstand Salvation

Before I go to bed each night, I put a big bottle of water on my nightstand. I drink it during the night, and finish it off first thing in the morning so I get a good start on meeting my water goal for the day. 175 more words

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Seattle Expenses

We loved our time away this weekend in Seattle! It was definitely a bit out of our norm as we tend to go on a really big trip each year where we’re gone for 2 weeks- and not have any really short weekend trips along the way other than camping. 327 more words

Budget Tips

College tuition is on the rise, but these six tips will save you money

It’s no secret: college costs are on the rise and making it more and more difficult for many students to receive their higher education. In 2014, college costs… 1,071 more words

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5 ways to ruin a marriage with money — and how to stop

You get married, and it’s amazing at first. Hopefully, it stays amazing, but after a few months, those inevitable differences with money will come into play. 900 more words

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31 ways to decorate your home for FREE

We all have stuff lying around the house that isn’t being used. Whether it’s something leftover from a previous project you’ve done or something you’ve just forgotten about, there’s plenty of things you could do to bring it back to life. 1,495 more words