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Defined By What You Wear - 5 Ways Buying Things Won't Make You Happy

I know a certain someone; that someone has amassed a shoe collection spanning two walls and a closet. Somewhere to the tune of over 80 pairs of shoes.That’s basically saying you wear one pair of shoes 4 times a year. 725 more words


Simple money saving tips this Christmas Season

Christmas is a time for giving… of presents that is! So here are three tips to help make this holiday season a little easier on your budget. 243 more words

How To Survive On A College Budget

I have a secret for you. College is expensive.

Don’t believe me? Between paying for tuition, parking, textbooks, extra fees and to top it all off, living expenses! 927 more words


Day 2695 - How To Pay Down Your Massive Debt - or - What We Did To Pay Off 30K

Two years ago, I posted the following tips. I’m making a few edits based on what we do now. Ha ha, and editing a bit of my grammar. 1,139 more words


Top Tips for Traveling on a Budget

Need tips to plan your backpacking trip across Central America, your beach vacation to Mykonos or your road trip across the United States within your price range? 507 more words


How to save $540 - by Christmas!

Hi Guys!

I know how many people struggle to save around the holidays, there are always a million little things that your money goes towards. I myself am struggling this year, so I will be getting a head start on saving for next year. 116 more words


Quick Budget Tip #4: Separate Your Bank Accounts

Organization is a skill that takes practice. No one wakes up with an intense desire to organize everything in their life. Usually, it based on a reason or a benefit that they see from it. 716 more words

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