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7 Habits To Save Money FAST

Saving money. To many, this topic doesn’t come naturally. Luckily I’d like to think I’ve become quite adept at saving.

However I didn’t just know… 941 more words

Budget Tips

The Big Plan

The planning process was a slow one and the first step was finding out how much this mad plan was going to cost us. So 2 B.A. 432 more words


Pet Ownership: Can You Actually Afford It?

I’m sure many of you would jump at the chance to buy that adorable little ball of fur up above.

Don’t deny it. I know you would. 716 more words

Personal Finance

Why you're not able to save, my experience.

Sit down, get a pen and paper ready, and make a list of all the things you have spent money on in the last month that you could have done without. 955 more words

Bad Spending Habits

Living on a $20 a week Grocery Budget

I have had some great experiences and adventures surviving in this crazy life of mine and this morning as I was having my coffee and going through all of my social media stuff and reading emails, I came across a post about how to live on $20 a week on groceries.   760 more words


Make the most of your Yankee Candle Jar

So, that devastating moment arrives for me yesterday… I finished my large jar Yankee Candle

Those of you familiar with Yankee Products will know you are not able to burn the last inch of wax at the bottom of the far, and if like me you burn them for long periods of time, often you find there is more than an inch left over. 237 more words

One Simple Trick To Save More Money

Spend less, save more. Earn more, still spend less. In a nutshell these are the two basic ways you’re going to get advice on how to build wealth. 528 more words

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