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How to Budget like a Starving Artist

Make your own gifts
This one is especially useful for the crafty types (unless your friends like poems). Making your own gifts not only saves money but you might find people… 673 more words

Managing your budget

Lifestyle is a key driver of a budget. Another key point is controls on expenditure to help adhere to a budget. There are a variety of ways to help control ones spending. 324 more words

Prepare A Budget

Budget tip. Shaving your shaving costs

I took down some prices at my local supermarket to gauge the difference in cost between name brand blades and generic blades.

A good price for a name brand razor holder was $9.50 with 8 refill blades available for $40.00 with the blurb claiming each blade gives 30 shaves. 208 more words

5 Helpful Ways to Decorate on the Cheap!

Hello, my name is Jenn and I blog at Because… I’m Cheap. I’m so thrilled that Nakeya invited me to share with you all today. 426 more words

Interior Decorating

DIY Yogurt

My family eats a lot of yogurt. Generally, we each eat a cup for breakfast. In the summer I make refrigerator oatmeal which also has yogurt in it. 430 more words

Family Life

The Costs of Traveling to San Francisco 

San Francisco is definitely one of the more expensive US cities to visit, especially for Canadians at a time right now when our dollar is doing so poorly against the American dollar. 942 more words


I spot with my little eye...

Today is the day i officially recognized my compulsive need for organizing my trips and my obsession for the local scoop. So, i joined a community filled with like-minded people, on… 16 more words

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