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How to budget your way through college

Living away from home is naturally scary at first. Having no one to depend on financially is an even frightening thought. As an incoming college freshman prepare to live independently, these life saving tips, you might just find a way to survive without breaking the bank, and begging your parents for more pocket money. 633 more words


Beauty: Beauty tips that cost you (next to) nothing (part I)

Money keeps the world going round… especially in the beauty industry! But the beauty tips I will give you today, will cost you (next to) nothing! 629 more words


Buying New Shoes

Nowadays, the shoe industry spends a lot of money in research and development because almost every human activity requires a different pair. Fashion was the only reason for shoe variety then, but now we also have different categories for function. 776 more words

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Some Not So Interesting Facts about Tax Time

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.

Benjamin Franklin

Every year about this time we have to mentally prepare ourselves for tax season.  334 more words


Day 3196 - Debt Free Since 2013!

Like my sobriety, it now feels like I’ve always been debt free. The good times of finally getting out of the debt trap have been outshined by the debt-free days. 274 more words


Visiting an entire country in 3 days? If it’s called Cyprus, you might just be able to!

Shilpa had been asking me for many months about wanting to visit my home country, Cyprus, but unfortunately due to our contrasting schedules it didn’t seem to be working out. 2,326 more words


Cuatro Islas in A Day: Your Travel and Budget Guide to these Islands in Inopacan

You have probably heard about Kalanggaman Island in Leyte or Sambawan Island in Biliran. Less known to many is another group of four beautiful islands hidden in Inopacan and Hindang, Southern Leyte. 785 more words

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