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How to hitchhike?

Dear Reader,

In this article I will write down some advice I have gained from my personal experiences for those who plan on hitchhiking.

What to expect? 802 more words


6 Ways to travel on a budget

In 2017 I had opportunities to travel to amazing places. Somewhere between my second, third and later trips is when multiple people kept asking me the same questions. 502 more words

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Asia's Top Picks from Oslo, Norway.

Oslo was one of the cities I was most excited to see on our trip. Given my Norwegian heritage, I wanted to see and experience the culture of my people. 983 more words

Budget Traveling

How to Find Cheap Plane Tickets

Travel can be expensive.

The cost of traveling is probably the reason I’ve heard most often why people don’t travel (along with not having the time, but that’s another discussion). 759 more words


Letters from Helsinki

Helsinki is a city that is not always on the forefront in Scandinavia, however it is an adorable city that is worth visiting. My favorite part of Helsinki was the coffee, and the fusion of Scandinavian and Russian ancestry that made the city unique. 740 more words

Budget Traveling

Hitchhiking from Tallinn to Prague part 3.

The grandpa, who took us all the way to Marijampolé, dropped us in the center, which is always very bad when it comes to hitchhiking, given, that you want to stand on a larger road, which could take you to your next location. 972 more words


Travelling on a budget

We’ve all been there.

The bucket list is overflowing, the heart is yearning, winter is drawing in and… the wallet is empty.

So I’m not going to wave a magic wand and say that you can travel with an empty wallet, because, well, you can’t. 555 more words