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River Boat Travel in the Amazon: Manaus to Porto Velho

On the passenger boats that carry people along the many rivers of the Amazon, there is an art to picking the right spot for your hammock. 1,293 more words


Liburan Ala Flashpacker di Bangkok

Kunjungan ke Bangkok ini merupakan kunjungan perdana buat gw dan Janne pada bulan Mei lalu. Kenapa Bangkok? Sederhana sih, karena waktu itu ada promo tiket dari maskapai China Southern Airlines untuk tujuan Helsinki – Bangkok. 1,515 more words

The Gloom in San Felipe, Zambales

It’s monsoon season again and as much as i love the gloom, it tricks my mood to a pit of emotional roller coaster.

It was a long weekend. 177 more words

Manaus: Paris of the Tropics

Eduardo Ribeiro, the first black governor of Brazil, and commisioner of the Teatro Amazonas, occasionally required the use of a straight jacket. Apparently this was what his work colleagues were told by his doctor, my guide casually explained as she showed us around his room, in which replicas of his personal effects were laid out on the bed. 674 more words


Hosteling in Sydney, Australia.

Hosteling in Sydney is not cheap at all. I’ll be straight up. Nothing in Sydney is cheap. Normally whenever I am abroad my go-to sites for accommodation are… 899 more words


Stop 1: Manaus - Working in a jungle lodge on the Rio Negro

Manaus is a vast, hot, smelly city like many others in Brazil. With lots of mosquitoes, (or carapanã here). What makes it different to any other Brazilian city is that it is located in the middle of the Amazon, which means the only way to get there is by boat or plane.  401 more words


'My Life Is Your Vacation..' - How To Make Your Holiday Last Forever

So it’s always been your dream to travel, discover the foreign lands and have friends on each continent, and you have finally made the decision to follow your dreams and become a globetrotter.  626 more words

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