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Best (and worst) Advice.

The Good Stuff

“Pick the 5 things you care about most and focus on those. Let everything else go.”

I repeated this mantra over and over and it was a major life saver. 703 more words

Cake (ish).

Cake Options.

Cakes are really freaking expensive, but we (aka “I”) still wanted a traditional cake-cutting experience as part of our wedding itinerary. So we (aka “I”) found a fancy and cute looking cake topper from Roth’s IGA for around $40, stuck it on top of a cupcake stand, and filled the rest of the stand with cupcakes from Costco. 300 more words

A Post-Wedding Post For Those Curious

Surprisingly, getting married a few weeks after finishing a degree hasn’t made it onto the list of mistakes I’ve made. There were a few moments where it inched towards a bad idea but it never really made it there. 1,859 more words


How to know when you're hiring an amateur photographer

When budget restraints start to bite for your wedding, hiring an “emerging” or student photographer seem very appealing. However, when you add up the costs of everything that you’re spending money on your wedding day, it mightn’t be the best option to hire an amateur, especially when you consider that the one thing that truly lasts from your special day is the photography. 512 more words


Our $6,000 Wedding; Or How We're Penny Pinchers

Typically my blog posts consist of me just emoting all over the place: talking about feelings and friends and wine and all that is lovely. I’m a feelings person – it’s what I do. 2,534 more words

Katie Yaklin

Wedding Planning for Cheap People

Well, the wedding is over. I’m a married man who spends his Saturday nights eating Cheetos and cake. Why would anyone ever get divorced if this is what married life entails? 985 more words

Bee Life

The Secret is out ... How we are able to provide luxury style coverage for only $1,000

The secretwe have found, through years of experience, that most of the day’s important events occur within a four hour period.

Realizing this gave us the opportunity to offer luxury wedding coverage at a very reasonable rate. 322 more words

Santa Cruz