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Welcome to my Simple and Intimate Wedding-on-a-Budget Preps Series!

Hi everyone! I created this page to track my wedding preps as a personal mission, as well as to hopefully guide other future brides and grooms out there. 483 more words


Our Wedding Day.

I haven’t shared many photos from our big day yet as I’ve been settling comfortably back into home life since we returned from honeymoon in New York! 117 more words

First you Wish, and then you buy!


Wedding, wedding, wedding.  There’s something so shiny about the word that it’s really easy to get swept up in it all. And then spend a fortune on piddly crap that will, in all reality, get chucked in the recycle bin when the party’s over. 1,882 more words

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

It’s no secret that weddings cost a lot, so let’s talk about ways you can save on your big day! First off, to save money and keep your budget on track, you will need to be organized and do your research.   440 more words


Let the Quest Begin!

Just what you were looking for, right? Another wedding blog. And following the adventures of a broke couple newly in their 30s? Also not that exciting. 1,013 more words

Let There Be Nerds.

So as the title may hint, this is the story of two nerds coming together. Contrary to what TV and movie stereotypes would tell you, there’s a lot more nerdy people out there than not, and when they have nerdy relationships it’s pretty awesome. 256 more words

Hello!!!! (As I am sure so many of these first posts are titled)

Hello! I am the budget bride…actually the 8th one on there, according to the domain name generator haha! Regardless I am getting married at the end of december of this year and am bound and determined to save my fiance and I as much money as humanly possible, while still throwing a fantastic bash. 123 more words

$5000 Wedding