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Oh, those wily Republican budget hawks

So this just popped up on Ye Olde Facebooke:

Ahem. This would be the stout conservative Paul Dame who’s been Tweetbragging about his anti-tax votes in the House. 126 more words

Peter Shumlin

Designing on a Budget

Designing on a Budget

We all desire a luxury home with a high end professionally designed appeal, but often lack the funds to make our homes look like TV mansions. 713 more words


Are your Kids Prone to Affluenza?

Children can become master manipulators finding ways to get you to pay for what they want. It starts as early kindergarten (sometimes sooner) barraging you for candy at the checkout counter (what mother hasn’t given in to that pressure), or perhaps it’s the latest and greatest toy (that typically keeps their interest for a week) or the latest fashion created by a rock star (that often has less material then most parents consider decent with 3x the price tag). 329 more words

Investing 101

Show Me the Money!

It’s just about time for the chaos to begin. (Deep Breaths!)

Every penny saved really counts on a project like this. It’s a constant compromise between going big and saving big. 502 more words


Fear factor trumps jobs

Re: Fed funds for Windsor, by Frank Schiller, March 18.

I read with interest the letter by Frank Schiller of Windsor. It speaks to the urgency for the federal government to take action “to maximize sustainable local economic benefits for Windsor, including new jobs and investments from the anticipated increased trade volumes” with the new DRIC bridge that is slated to be completed under five years from now. 65 more words


It's the Little Things

Happy Friday folks! Congrats on making it through another school/work week :).

Not to be a total downer, but I have to say that yesterday wasn’t the best day. 501 more words

Coalition Statement on Highly Capable Funding

Washington promises a continuum of Highly Capable Program services K-12 to identified gifted students as part of basic education. These students can be found in school districts large and small, and across all demographic groups. 388 more words