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Pane Integrale con Miele. Wholemeal Bread

Now that we are six, four adults and two children, bread making has become an imperative. My extended family continue to buy white packet bread for school lunches, a bread that I am unable to eat. 669 more words


The Great Money Pit

Late fees. Missed payments. Repossession of a vehicle. Foreclosure notice. Lawsuit for unpaid debt. Job loss. Using credit cards to pay bills. Have you ever been faced with any of these situations? 1,158 more words


Act Fast - Free Item Alert!!

I’ll get to the point and make this post short and sweet. If you don’t like free stuff, then move on to another blog – otherwise keep reading, then head over to your local CVS. 231 more words


New School Website, New Budget

BPS101 has unveiled their redesigned website. If you want to see the tentative budget for 2015-16, (as of 7/27/15) don’t go to the “District Budget” on the drop-down menu under the “About” tab where it would logically be. 179 more words


My frugal weekend getaway

Last weekend, my BF, the pups, and 2 of our good friends went to Fundy National Park in New Brunswick. We stayed in a “yurt”. The whole trip only cost $93/each! 41 more words


Rideshares: The Best Alternative For Travelling

Some people (like your mom) would think getting into a car with complete strangers for a long journey is the beginning to a horror story – but this mode of traveling between destinations called ‘ridesharing’ is actually a pretty economical alternative to busses and trains. 286 more words


40 tips on exploring and traveling as a college student

Traveling is one of the best types of investments in life as it is so rewarding.  Regardless if you’re a heavy, seasonal or aspiring traveler, here are some tips for traveling better. 1,851 more words