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Financial troubles can be devastating, here's how people who hit rock bottom held it together

Often, it starts with something small: an illness, losing a shift at work, or a bill that’s more expensive than usual.

As time goes on and things don’t improve, it builds momentum. 1,421 more words


Samsung Galaxy A80

photo credits to: https://www.techtimes.com/articles/241408/20190412/samsung-galaxy-a80-offers-glimpse-of-how-the-next-galaxy-s-smartphone-could-look-notchless-display-rotating-cameras.htm

Have you ever wished getting a phone just like the brand new Samsung Galaxy S10? Well even if you are not able to, fear not as I will introduce the Samsung Galaxy A80. 269 more words


Team Boss

As I mentioned before, team boss is dedicated to women generating multiple sources of income. This week I have challenged women of all ages to create at least one or more ways to create another source of income for themselves. 146 more words


Flying on Budget Airlines

Budget airlines are great for finding cheap flights as long as your schedule is flexible and you can travel light. The most popular of these airlines in the United States are Frontier, Allegiant and Spirit. 217 more words


Financial Status for Jan-Apr 2019

It’s time to share my financial status again! Welcome to the oversharing club!

Below is a snapshot of my averaged monthly income and spending from Jan to April this year. 1,169 more words

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Money-Saving Homemade Greek Style Yogurt

To get a printable version of the recipe, click here.

I have found that this saves a good amount of money. And it cuts down on extra sugars we were eating. 1,251 more words


Modern Money Theory: Chapter 6

6.1 The Gold standard and Fixed Exchange Rates

  • Currency is fixed to other currencies e.g. 35 USD = 1 oz. Gold, 1 USD = 2.8 UKP…
  • 1,196 more words