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B.E. Artist Supply Kit

I’ve gathered together some handy links for all of my artist friends and clients. Bookmark this and take advantage of all of these opportunities — and share this supply kit with any artists you know who may benefit from it! 65 more words

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Ending the Paycheck to Paycheck Life & Living Financially Free

Alright folks, let’s be honest; if you’re anything like my husband and myself, you have probably had your fair share of weeks just hoping you would make it by until payday and maybe even having to count your lose change just to scrape up some money for gas in your car. 823 more words

Cooking at Home on a Budget

In this day and age eating cheap is a challenge and often seems impossible when you consider cooking a balanced meal at home. While buying the organic gluten-free vegeterian no GMO dairy free locally grown products can be expensive. 195 more words

Gorgeous Bathroom Transformation That Your Guests (And Budget) Will Love

When doing remodeling projects in your home, you might be thinking that you can’t afford what you see on TV so you should wait til you have more money. 192 more words


Size of your Wedding

This ought to be both of your decisions whether you want a huge wedding or not. I do have a large family but chose to have a wedding that is intimate and simple, keeping the traditional stuff that comes with it.  258 more words

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The Real Story: No budget yet

Still no vote on a new two-year state budget, more than three weeks into a new fiscal year.

State employees agreed to $1.5M in concessions, to help erase a $5B deficit.   58 more words

The Real Story


Happy Sunday my pretties!

I have struggled on and off with my skin for the past few years. However, there are a few products that always help clear it up and make it look glow again. 463 more words