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Company Budgets, AKA, Struggling College Students

As a current college student, paying my own way through school, I have quickly come to understand the value of a dollar. Tuition, books, housing, food…it adds up quick. 774 more words

Going On Vacation

I told you about my friend and her budgeting problems in my post It’s No Secret last week or so. Well she has called me a few times since all upset because all they are doing is fighting and things are really bad they have never been so bad. 3,635 more words

The Science of Wanderlust

Ever catch yourself staring out the window, perhaps at 2:15 on a Tuesday, only to realize you’re not really looking at the trees and traffic outside? 1,022 more words

How to save money on makeup and to decide what you want?

There is a lot of different people in this world when it comes to how you spend your money. There are compulsive spenders which tend to just spend there money within 0.5 seconds if they decide they need it or want it (same thing). 465 more words


Oh Baby! Are you planning a shower, going to a shower or having a shower thrown for you? Well here are my 4 MUSTS before the shower invites go out! 234 more words


What is value for money?

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In a lot of my life I come back to the question: What is value for money? Knowing the actual value of everything in your life and what you want is so important, but what is more important, is then knowing its value to you. 487 more words


Practical Ways to Stay in Your Budget While Planning a Less Expensive Vacation

Looking back on our earlier vacations, I realize now that we really and truly over paid for them. We were victims of just not knowing how to budget, save, and find a good deal! 412 more words