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Managing Finances

Though I’m no major financial advice giver, I can share some personal points on ways to manage your income to help you build a new home, travel, invest and simply live day by day. 612 more words

The Plan

My plan is to achieve financial freedom. I intend to achieve my goal by 1) eradicating my debt 2) saving 3) investing in assets which provide income. 268 more words

Financial Freedom

Rural Albertans lose when partisanship outweighs principles

An ongoing concern in Alberta for some time, particularly since the economic crash of 2014, has been rural crime. Those who live outside urban areas are faced with little options when rural police forces are overstretched and slow to respond, and with property crimes on the rise, the United Conservative Party (UCP) has seen an opportunity to advocate for their traditional constituent base in an area the government has been too slow to respond. 317 more words

Alberta Politics

How I organized my Garage

My garage is currently unfinished.  You can see the beams still on the ceiling, and the walls are a mixture of particle board and dry wall in the garage.   168 more words

Home Improvement

Managing your money with the 50/20/30 budget

The 50/20/30 budget, is a proportional guideline for allocating your paycheque. It’s in essence, a system of personal budgeting for keeping your spending in alignment with your savings goals. 294 more words

Financial Literacy

RECIPE: Ham and Cheese Macaroni

Whether you have some leftover ham from a gammon joint that you want to use up or you want a simple but tasty meal to make, ham and cheese macaroni is a fantastic choice. 327 more words

The Alliance's "Ask" for FY 19

The Alliance’s “ask” for FDA for FY19: at least $3.364 billion in BA funding for FY 19. This includes:

    • $2.812 billion (FY 18 final BA appropriations for FDA)
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