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The Secrets to Saving More Money

Knowing which accounts to use can help you save more

Today, there are many options for where to put your money. From using regular checking and savings accounts to deciding whether to open a money market account or a CD (certificate of deposit) to even opening an account for holiday savings — each offers something to help you save a little more. 493 more words

Tips & Best Practices

Best Way to Save Money? Don’t Buy a Financial Plan

I know, it seems counterproductive, right? I start a business for financial wellness and then I write an article with this title.

But when I got into the game of financial wellness, I knew that my goal wasn’t to develop a product or business model that was going to charge people who don’t do well with money. 370 more words

Personal Finance

Why budgeting is good for business Part 3– Balance Sheet Budget

Balance sheet budget

Firstly, your balance sheet is a snapshot at a point in time, showing the assets and liabilities of the business. Many business owners find it more difficult to get their head around the balance sheet, as it often contains a lot of accountancy terms – fixed assets, intangible assets, trade debtors, other debtors, net current assets, etc. 387 more words

One Accounting

Teaching Your Kids About Money Management

When I was a child living at home with my parents, we never really talked about money and personal finance topics. In those days the mentality was to keep the financial issues from the children. 615 more words

no spending day

I just realized today was a no-spending-day since I do not know when…

I am so excited about this.

I walked and did not pay for bus and I absolutely bought nothing today; no coffee, no treats, no grocery, no nothing…. 79 more words


Progress Report

I deeply apologize for being missing in action for two weeks, though I’m certain you’ll understand, as I have been cracking down on my finances, and am willing to share my progress with you. 236 more words