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Star Wars!

I’m a huge Star Wars fan and when the trailer came out a few days ago, I started geeking out over it. My wife and I are already planning on getting the first tickets and then seeing it a few times. 135 more words

Deep Debt

Fiscal Fast - May 2015

It’s that time again…or at least it will be. We will be hosting another Fiscal Fast during the month of May! Who is ready to join in? 370 more words


A Vintage Venture

Students are notorious for being short of money and scrounging for cash at the end of each month. When you pair this with the desire to express a personal style through fashion, one does not get a healthy combination. 859 more words


Waste not want not - freezer love

I got a new freezer recently. I love it! We decided we’d outgrown our 60/40 fridge freezer, and called for backup.

Here it is, in its home in the utility room… 543 more words


On Budgeting and Monthly Menus

We’ve been getting our business going at full throttle here lately and because of this we’ve had to do some serious budgeting.  I’m not sure if any of you have ever started a business, but those of you who have know what I’m talking about.   649 more words


DPRD Kota Tebing Tinggi Masa Bakti 2014 - 2019

Siapa sajakah anggota DPRD Kota Tebing Tinggi Masa Bakti 2014-2019? Ini informasi penting yang harus diketahui oleh masyarakat. Ada 25 anggota DPRD. Bapak dan Ibu yang sekarang menjadi anggota DPRD Kota Tebing Tinggi masa bakti 2014-2015 adalah sebagai berikut: 220 more words


Video Resource: What Can High School Students Teach Us About Budgeting?

I came across a few 1-2 minute videos created by high school students to explain the benefits of budgeting as part of the LifeSmarts 2015 Competition: 89 more words