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Discretionary 'treats' budget

WOOHOOO Payday has arrived! (not that we see that money but…) WOOHOOO pay day all the same.💁🏼💰

Ching chang getting paid over herr.

When we first started saving I was COMPLETELY in the zone. 2,012 more words


Sustainability And Your Wallet

Life is all about picking your battles, and unfortunately green living is often one of those. No doubt because of its increased popularity, more and more companies have opted to hop on the bandwagon as a way to charge people more for something that appears to be less harmful to the environment. 758 more words

Green Living

Budgeting: Balance Your Spending

“My money keeps spilling out like water.”

Many of us have experienced the frustration of having too many expenses to track. We have to pay for housing, utilities, taxes, transportation, food, the list goes on. 895 more words


Our take on the Dave Ramsey Method

In this previous post, I went through the basics of the Dave Ramsey method for achieving financial independence.  In that post, I alluded to the fact that while we subscribe to the general plan, there are a few areas where we differ from Dave’s recommendations. 1,041 more words

How To Ball Out On An Entry Level Salary

Congrats! You just received you first post-college job offer. You excitedly login to your Gmail account, open the email from your potential employer, and to your surprise, you see a number that’s way lower than you expected. 970 more words

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Growing a new community in a new town. How to do this in a fun, easy, and frugal way.

My family and I are new in town…again!  This is the third time since I married and started a family that we have moved and started over in less than 5 years.   965 more words


Money Management Tips

So, if you’ve been following along the past few weeks, you’ll know my ‘bad debt story’ and how I’ve worked on fixing it. Being better with money is something that I’m proud of. 535 more words