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A Guide to Navigating Generic Brand

As a broke college student, generic brand is my best friend. Growing up, I never truly understood the value of generic brand items, because I was fortunate enough to not have to. 434 more words


11 Lessons I Learned From My First Three Years of Investing

I have been working for more than three years now, and I’m lucky enough to learn the basics of personal finance and investing even before I got my first paycheck. 1,177 more words


Living on One Income part 1. Cutting the grocery budget in half.

The grocery budget is the fastest way to jump-start your new frugal budget.  It can be a huge change that inspires you with savings.  Here are some ways I save money in the kitchen.



I have never really been good with budgeting. And when it was just me that it effected it was fine. I was perfectly happy to skip a meal here and there to  make ends meet (and more often than not it was because I’d lost track of the time and then I didn’t want to wake my housemates up whilst cooking during exam season back in my undergrad days). 763 more words


4 Langkah Sederhana Membuat Anggaran Rumah Tangga

Enam bulan belakangan ini sering dapat pertanyaan sulit tentang budgeting dari pembaca di Instagram. Salah satu yang paling sulit adalah gimana bikin anggaran rumah tangga untuk gaji <10 juta yang separuhnya kepotong cicilan rumah dan cicilan hutang. 2,468 more words


Wealth Wednesday: Money Guilt

Wow! Cindy was really onto something when she said this!

I have heard many times people making others feel guilty when they come into a little money. 494 more words