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Getting the Finances in Order

I finally did it. I paid off my student loans, and I am now officially debt free! Cue confetti and horns, a congratulatory message from my loan company’s…nope, just a reminder on the website that I can continue to make payments if I so choose. 673 more words

First Time Home Buyer

How to Save Money When You Don’t Have Any – 3: Wrapping up

As promised here is the final HTSMWYDHA post. And this time it’s all about saving money.

If you know me personally (or if you read the… 564 more words


The joys of having less -- First quarter results for Project Purge

That right’s. Less stuff. Less clutter. Less cleaning. Less bullshit. Less chaos. Less drama. Less consumerism. Less giving shits. The last item is pure bliss in itself. 476 more words


Myths Vs Truths (Part Two)

Yesterday we covered credit card and car myths and truths, today we’ll cover lending and credit score myths.

Lending Myths
Myth: The home equity loan is good for consolidation and is a substitute for an emergency fund. 230 more words

Deep Debt

When to say when...

With the steady flow of promotions, coupons, and deals on a weekly basis it can be hard to resist not putting it all in your cart. 1,126 more words

How To Be Cheap

Activity: Before You Make That Decision...Consult Your Future Self

In this era of immediate gratification, it is often difficult to think even days or months ahead..forget about years ahead in the future (which may explain why we do such a poor job of saving for retirement). 226 more words

Current Events

Day 3 and 4 - Because I don't lead a particularly interesting life

So I kinda skipped blogging on Day 3 because I didn’t exactly have an interesting day. It was really uneventful day for me – waking up at around 12 noon, having breakfast, exploring the internet, dinner and exploring the internet until I was ultimately overcome by the urge to sleep. 461 more words