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How to Make Credit Card Companies Hate You; Trust Me, You Want Them To...

All personal finance experts have their differing opinions on credit cards.

But why?

This simple piece of plastic can be your best friend, and a tool for leveraging some big credit card company’s money, all while growing your own credit score. 506 more words


For the first post, I figured we’d start with something everyone SHOULD know, but many don’t. Budgeting and not going into debt.

A proper budget is how you avoid going overboard and/or lose track of your spending. 288 more words


The haves and the have nots!


This is an article on the sad state of financial affairs of many people. The author is quite honest in his evaluation of his own current financial affairs and how he got there. 435 more words


Excited to try Zipzicles

I just made my fourth batch of yogurt and my daughter keeps asking for the pouch yogurts (the ones in the tubes). We buy the Stonyfield ones, but I’m not thrilled with the cost of them or the fact that I am not in control of the ingredients (mostly the sugar and any unknown additives). 115 more words

5 things you need to think about when moving out

So we are moving out soon. Like.. in a week and a half’s time.. That’s a very scary thing to think about. Lots of big decisions to make and lots of things we need to think about getting in order to comfortably live. 622 more words

April Spending Update

It is the same banal question at the end of every month – how on earth is it the end of April already? This month was full of activities and adventures – we spent a long-weekend hiking, I went to an Inner Peace Party (more on that in a future post, but it was a revelation), I hosted a few events at work, began coordinating yoga classes at work, kick-started a fitness program for young lawyers, and went out (a lot). 835 more words

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Being an adult at the kid's table

Today, I was an adult at the kid’s table…in a library.  I cannot work at home.  I have to put myself somewhere with a desk shipped away from from humanity because I have the attention span of a gnat.   466 more words