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Charlie has his first bath

I decided that the fiends should have a bath today. A nice sunny and moderately warm day seemed perfect for a dunk.

Jerry, Roswell, Monty and Snowy all had a bath. 60 more words


Dumpling likes to sleep in the weirdest of places

I was just wondering where my little Dumpling was. He’s a bit quiet and I can’t feel any biting on my toes.

I looked down under my chair and he has curled up asleep under my foot, right by my big toe. 31 more words


You can't beat me I am a little minx

I am going to bite these pegs and try and find a nesting place in the curtains and no matter what you do you cannot stop me. 25 more words


Brave budgies? - I think not.

The new toy – a wonderful ladder with lots of colourful things and nice wood to chew – has been here for a couple of weeks now and the budgies have barely been near it! 112 more words


Hector and Abbie

Hector and Abbie have got increasingly close over the last few weeks. The little blue terror can be quite rough sometimes but she gives as good as she gets and is not scared of any of the nine boys! 39 more words


Budgie meeting called

Four of the budgies seemed to call a secret meeting today. I looked behind me and noticed them gathering on the sofa when they thought that I wasn’t paying attention. 54 more words


Roswell in this weeks Cage and Aviary Birds

Roswell has managed to get himself in the paper!

My beautiful Grey boy is on page 6 of this weeks cage and aviary birds looking suitably handsome in the Readers Gallery section of the publication. 11 more words