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Where's B'Man?

I wanted to jot a quick note in explanation to those wondering why there has been so little activity here over the past several weeks. 724 more words

Happy Jew Year! But Is It Worth It?

I have sat down to this pc several times over the past week, hoping to come up with some sort of witty New Year themed post. 1,598 more words


Thoughts and Prayers for BuelahGirl

My daughter had serious ear problems from allergies when she was very small. They put in the ear tubes which helped tremendously. However, when they removed the right one which hadn’t fallen out on its own, her right ear was damaged leaving a hole in the ear drum. 237 more words


Bubba Died

I asked folks around here about any potential treatments for esophageal cancer because I was recently told that my long-time highschool friend, Bubba, was sick and had only 4-6 months to live (thanks to those of you who shared). 678 more words

Why Weed? A Cure For Depression

Bad news for the SSRI manufacturers?

Cannabis: GOOD for mental health? Breakthrough study claims it could be used to help treat depression

Abstract: The endocannabinoid system and emotional processing: a pharmacological fMRI study with ∆9-tetrahydrocannabinol…

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Hemp/Cannabis Reform

Why Weed? The US Government Patented It

The “Useless Drug” was patented by the US Government, yet, you know people who use this useless drug and get arrested. The question should be asked, why did they patent the useless drug? 1,672 more words


Who Is Going To Stop Them?

Its all I can do just to stay above the water line financially. I went 2.5 years unemployed (not by my own desire), looking very hard for a “job”, after owning my own business for a decade (and many years making very good money). 884 more words