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Cuba - June 2015 (preceded by 1 night/day in Cayman Island)

A much-quoted sign! And proof of the TORRENTIAL rain we experienced while in Grand Caymans…shame!

Welcome to Cuba – and some more ominous cloud…

Uh-oh… 338 more words


Buena Vista Social Club: Lost And Found

I reviewed Buena Vista Social Club over at one of the old places, and loved it, giving it 4.5 . This album consists of a hodgepodge of tracks that were left in the vaults from that recording as well as some live tracks performed and recorded in the years since its predecessor’s release and worldwide success. 325 more words



Power is out as of 2:17 a.m. It is 8:20 a.m. and I’ve started the generator. I plugged in the big chest freezer then the little chest freezer then the fridge and then my coffee pot. 688 more words

300 Mornings

Music To Simmer, Sizzle and Scarf To...

Whether you’re preparing an eight course meal or spiking a watermelon with vodka, you’ll need a playlist to match your culinary prowess (or lack thereof).  That being said, we realize the cooking experience can range from meditative to monotonous, so allow us to present a bouillabaisse of songs you shouldn’t enter any kitchen without. 310 more words

Calexico, Feast of Delight at Opera House

Calexico came through town in late May week as a part of their Edge of the Sun release and played the Opera House to a packed room of adoring fans. 377 more words

Musician Profiles

Learning to Swim

On Individual & Social Responsibility

Either way whichever continent you are from … you will see what is best for you. Sometimes you just got to roll with it! 157 more words

Buena Vista Social Club