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A Sunday in late winter.

Just at that point in the season where, if you put a certain album on the stereo, settle yourself into the chair by the window, tilt your face up to the strengthening sunlight, close your eyes and ignore the wind outside and the eight-foot pile of snow that’s accumulated on the porch and the rug that’s covered with splinters from the firewood… for a few minutes anyway, it doesn’t matter where your body is, because you’re swaying gently to a rhythm that’s never heard of winter, that doesn’t know from ice and snow, that delivers you the tonic of a warm sea breeze rustling through palm fronds, a strumming that assures you that summer’s still there, out over the ocean, coming this way on steadily beating wings.

Just wait.


Hola Havana!


Covetable vintage cars, music playing on every corner (the catchy Buena Vista Social Club and Hasta Siempre Comandante, mostly), and architecture which, although heart-breakingly crumbling in most places, is among some of the most beautiful. 77 more words

To Omara

¿Qué te importa que te ame,
si tú no me quieres ya?
El amor que ya ha pasado
no se debe recordar“….

I heard these words for the first time sometime in 2002 somewhere in California when Leon, a Mexican friend of mine, used to hum while cooking dinner. 574 more words

Album review: Ibeyi's self-titled debut

Album: Ibeyi
Artist: Ibeyi
Four stars (out of five)

I know I shouldn’t say this, but you might want to stop reading this review. Right. 233 more words

Plugged In

5 Minutes with Andrew Leon Hudson

This is a chance to learn a bit more about Andrew Leon Hudson, whose new Weird Western ebook series End Trails has only just begun… 905 more words

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ALBUM REVIEW: Metro Expo, Vol. 1 by Metro Expo review


The concept album is very much a dying art in this era of Itunes downloads and shortening attention spans, but it was arguably the most important art form of the 20th century, or at least the later part of it. 823 more words

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Buena Vista Social Cafe Stellenbosch - to kuier or eat?

We visited Buena Vista Social Cafe outside Stellenbosch for lunch the other day and though it was a bit impromptu (I really wanted to go to… 571 more words