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Omara, The Bride In Orange

When the time came up for Omara Portuondo to show up on stage on that sweltering hot day on July 4th in Konstanz, Germany, she climbed the stairs with utmost caution dressed in a beautiful orange gown. 1,062 more words

Cover: Wim Wenders: Journeyman

Wim Wenders, the leading director of German New Wave cinema is now 70 years old. He was born on 14th August 1945 in Dusseldorf, Germany. 1,139 more words

August 2015

Летни нощи с музиката на Buena Vista Social Club

Ако има музика, която да върви най-много с горещите летни вечери, студените коктейли и заровените пръсти в пясъка, това определено са латиноамериканските ритми. Защото летните спомени просто няма да са същите, ако не са съпроводени от музиката на Том Жобим, Бебел Жилберто или Buena Vista Social Club. 30 more words

Работещо момиче

Cuba - June 2015 (preceded by 1 night/day in Cayman Island)

We headed off to Heathrow on the Monday morning for our much-anticipated travels in rather a fragile state.  No, not hungover, but “fresh” from about 6 hours in A&E and various head and body scans (all clear for both of us) following a scary crash on the A1 outside London in which I bumped my head rather hard and my poor car was written off, after rolling onto its roof.   1,169 more words


Ritmo cubano

A classic is a classic. ¡A gozar!


Buena Vista Social Club: Lost And Found

I reviewed Buena Vista Social Club over at one of the old places, and loved it, giving it 4.5 . This album consists of a hodgepodge of tracks that were left in the vaults from that recording as well as some live tracks performed and recorded in the years since its predecessor’s release and worldwide success. 325 more words