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My Favorite Places to Sweat: Houston

Just because Houston’s hot, doesn’t mean we don’t like to workout. Just give us some Nuun, our favorite running trails and we’ll sweat it out! If you’re looking to explore the hottest city in the south, Houston’s got you covered with trails, bike paths, parks and plenty of fitness studios. 413 more words


Best fireworks in Houston - Freedom Over Texas 2016

What can be more patriotic than spending July 4th evening listening to great country music with your closed thousands of friends outdoors and then watching thirty minutes of amazing fireworks?   169 more words


Houston's Cistern - a one of a kind underground space

Built in 1926, the Cistern at Buffalo Bayou Park was used by the city of Houston as a water reservoir until 2007. The Cistern is able to hold 15 million gallons of water withing its 8-18 inches of concrete walls. 229 more words


The Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern: What Is It and How Do I Get In?

There’s been a lot of hype recently over this little thing called the Cistern at Buffalo Bayou. Haven’t heard of it? Well, let me tell you it’s pretty darn cool and worth all the attention. 387 more words

It's Culture

Art display that helps the environment 

Houston is known for its wonderful Buffalo Bayou that runs right through the heart of the city.  The slow brown water moving past green parks and towering buildings, but underneath the Preston Street Bridge there is a surprise. 122 more words


Burping on the bayou

What’s lurking beneath the murky waters? Loud mouthy bass? Gargling gators? Sharknado after a six-pack of Lone Star?

Mystic, myth, or mirth. Hotly debated subject. But only those who dare, know the truth. 489 more words