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The Wild Westerners

Hey kids,

History of the West doesn’t exaggerate in the description of how tough guys were.

Doc Holiday.

Wyatt Earp.

Kit Carson.

Bill Hitchcock.

Buffalo Bill. 95 more words


Buffalo Bill and the Prince of Monaco: 1913

It’s the prince and the cowboy. That’s Buffalo Bill Cody – the civil war hero, military scout and Old West celebrity – with Prince Albert I of Monaco (the great-grandfather of Prince Rainer III, who married American movie star Grace Kelly in the 1950s). 46 more words


Wild West Cowboy To International Celebrity

DENVER (CBS4) – What started as hunting buffalo for workers became fighting for the West’s way of life through showbiz. Born in 1846, Buffalo Bill, otherwise known as William F. 168 more words

Ed Gein's Bloody Cauldron Purchased By Zak Bagans

In the world of murderabilia anything owned by Ed Gein must be the holy grail. Ed was the inspiration for Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre… 632 more words

Driving through the West

I grew up on the plains- rolling hills, sloughs with cattails and red-wing blackbirds, wind passing through tall grass like a giant hand through a healthy head of hair, hours spent driving down straight roads and seemingly never gaining on the destination (maybe visible in the distance). 701 more words

Pop Song Review: "FiveFourSeconds" by Rihanna, Paul McCartney and Kanye West

The problem with running a blog where I review every UK No. 1 is that the UK No. 1 doesn’t actually change that often. As such, I suppose I better talk about some other songs. 638 more words


Happy Birthday Buffalo Bill!

Wild West showman Buffalo Bill Cody was born today in 1846.

He was a scout for the US Army, Pony Express rider, and served with the 7th Kansas Calvary during the Civil War, all before the age of 18. 55 more words