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Buffalo Bill's Grave

There’s something strangely poetic about Buffalo Bill and I ending our journeys in the same place. On my way back home from Traviata at Central City, I saw a sign at the exit reading “Buffalo Bill Gravesite,” so you know I had to go. 107 more words


Scout's Rest Ranch

The flamboyance! The theatre! The wallpaper! The off-season home and entertaining epicenter of Co. Cody’s life was quite a fabulous place. A larger-than-life Italianate house for a larger-than-life character. 133 more words


Cowboys and Buffalo

We couldn’t come here without going to see Buffalo Bills grave. He’s buried at the top of Lookout Mountain and the scenery is just amazing. Dan actually said its like the Lake District but on drugs and that sums it up perfectly! 81 more words



How much would you need to be paid to ride an “X-Treme” bull? Whatever it is would never be enough. I’ve no doubt the dudes riding these wild bulls are some of the toughest sportsmen in the world. 1,227 more words


July 27th *FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY* #EdGein

Here’s all the info for the Monday, July 27th show on Ed Gein- Link to listen: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/fillingthevoidrn/2015/07/28/travis-and-vics-drunken-horror-adventures-ed-gein

Show starts at 9 PM EST

Joining us will be Timothy Mark, writer of “The ‘Ed Gein’ Story” who also has a TON of other horror experience under his belt. 133 more words

Grammy in Golden

We were ecstatic to know Grammy Red was going to spend a week with us in our second favorite place, Golden, Colorado (the first is Hawaii.)  There is a creek for tubing, the Coors tour with free lemonade, and last but not least biking.  287 more words

So long Arbor Day State...I sure loved your trees...the ones in Omaha and at the end of the state. Hello, land of the Rockies!!!

Day 5

319.7 miles driven, 1,376.6 total trip miles (over half way there!!)

Well, today started much like yesterday. Hot with a touch of blistering heat and a mixture of bright sun. 311 more words

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