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Happy Birthday Buffalo Bill!

Wild West showman Buffalo Bill Cody was born today in 1846.

He was a scout for the US Army, Pony Express rider, and served with the 7th Kansas Calvary during the Civil War, all before the age of 18. 55 more words


February 26 is the birthday of JOHNNY CASH (1932), not to mention WILLIAM F. “BUFFALO BILL” CODY (1846). I say “not to mention” Cody because I wish it were instead the birthday of CARY GRANT, so I could have titled this post CASH & CARY. 429 more words


Bannack Best-Portraits

This was one of the portraits with auxiliary lighting. I adjusted the clarity and sharpness in Lightroom, changed it to black and white, and then adjusted the levels in photoshop. 244 more words

Digital Imaging

Buffalo Bill timeline

We had to create a timeline for each of the main characters, even the parts in the movie when the character isn’t there. I did Buffalo Bill from “The silence of the lambs”.

Silence Of The Lambs


Getting ready for the BAFTAs, dahlingz!



Playwright turned history detective Max Sparber turns identity search inward


Max Sparber channeling his inner Buffalo Bill, ©photos by Debra S. Kaplan

Playwright-journalist-blogger-historian Max Sparber has a knack for reinventing himself borne from a lifelong search for identiity, though he’s recently found more clarity where his family roots are concerned. 1,752 more words