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Buffalo Bill Alive And Well

I love roadside attractions! The weirder the better. I love the largest ball of whatever and the biggest frying pan or piece of cheese or crazy barbed wire sculpture. 233 more words


Shareece Wright Spent About $1,000 For An Uber So He Could Make It To OTAs

Buffalo Bills cornerback Shareece Wright apparently has never heard of airplanes. Wright was so concerned about making it to voluntary OTAs on time that he spent about $1,000 to take an Uber from Chicago to Buffalo. 371 more words


Atop Lookout Mountain

This week I had a quick trip to Denver for work.  It gave me the opportunity to have dinner in the Mile High City with the Second Secretary, who moved west about 20 years ago to escape Columbus’ winter dreariness — Denver, she cheerfully pointed out, gets sunshine 320 days out of the year — and loves it. 509 more words


Sucker Punched by a Postcard

I rarely receive a postcard I don’t like. In fact, I enjoy receiving postcards that share a little about the history of a place.  In spite of my appreciation for history and culture, there are historical and cultural postcards I would not be too excited about receiving–those that valorize racism, sexism, homophobia, and anything that is psychologically or emotionally harmful or that glorify horrific parts of a nation’s past. 485 more words


A day at the museum

First we went to a cafe and had a croissant and a milk. Then we went shopping buying Mummy’s cowboy boots for her Birthday. Before Mummy showed me her cowboy boots Eliza and I were playing with the horses and Daddy kept getting grumpy at me. 229 more words

The Wild West

The Wild West. Gunfights, shootouts, holdups, hangings, and train robberies.


The “Wild West” began around 1862, when the Homestead acts were passed in America. These acts were instated by the government, and gave away acres of western land to people who agreed to settle there. 455 more words


The Silence Of The Lambs (1991)

While the climax to Jonathan Demme’s classic 1991 film “The Silence of the Lambs” is set in Ohio, the home of Buffalo Bill can actually be found in the rural town of Perryopolis, Pennsylvania.  37 more words

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