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Wild and wooly in Montana

She eyed us calmly as we approached the pen in the middle of a pasture of spiky Douglas firs, juniper trees and light green sagebrush. Hills from the Big Belts, a Rocky Mountain range in western Montana, rose around the field, and the reflecting waters of Canyon Ferry Lake glimmered on the horizon. 1,432 more words


Build a Lumber Empire, Get a Street Named After You

Holland Place is a one block long street in the Masten Park neighborhood on the east side of Buffalo, running between Riley Street and Northhampton Street.   479 more words


Honey, We're Going Home

I have got some big news for you friends. For the last year or so, Chuck and I have been on the hunt for a home. 197 more words

1738 to Go!! 10 Coal Fired Buffalo Wings from Russo's Coal Fired Italian Kitchen in Richardson, Tx 

It had been a long time since visiting Russo’s. I didn’t feel like driving anywhere, and it’s right across the street from work. Perfect. I ordered the wings, walked there and back, and ate at my desk. 91 more words


The Burdick Scandal - Part XIII

The courtroom was still abuzz with Alice Burdick’s testimony when her mother entered the following day to give her testimony. She walked slowly, leaning on the arm of her attorney.  871 more words

Crime & Mystery

Happy 4th of July Weekend

This guy lives on 5th Avenue in San Rafael CA. He dresses up for each holiday. Gotta love a 4th of July Bison Topiary. How Americana is this! 8 more words

Hada On The Creeks

Mekenzie Hada getting all kissy lips _ Duane Hada

RECEIVED a batch of nice pics fro our Ozark Creeks, from Duane Hada. The creeks are coming into awesome shape right now after the rains of May. 48 more words