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Photo Safari at The Wilds - American Bison

Bison, buffalo…the name is disputed by some.  Our tour guide informed us that when Europeans came to this country and saw these massive herds they called them buffalo after the only other types they had seen before.  186 more words


🐃🐄Milk Raw Facts!

*Why A1 milk is harmful*

*Milk : A1 Milk or A2 Milk?*

When you drink milk do verify from source whether the milk is A1 milk or A2 milk. 368 more words

AirBnB: The First B is for Beautiful

My dad gets really excited when when modern, gig/sharing-economy type organizations come to Buffalo, which is my hometown and where he still lives. Years ago, when Buffalo got food trucks, he called right away to let me know. 1,041 more words

Zoom, Zoom

Whose side are you on, anyway? What's in a name?

Does your town take sides? Take names?

Growing up in the Cleveland, Ohio, area of the U.S., the first question asked of a new acquaintance was: “What side of the city are you from—East Side or West Side?” Once that was settled (if you were still talking) and you exchanged surnames, then came the second question: “What kind of name is that?” 505 more words

Journey to the West, Part 2: Yellowstone National Park

Brief History Lesson?

For those who love history, Yellowstone was first discovered by white people. While remnants of centuries-old material culture can be found in the park and as far away as the Mississippi Valley from hundreds of years ago, it’s unclear where these people possibly could have come from. 1,877 more words


Vancouver Canucks put down Buffalo Sabres

So far the Vancouver Canucks are 2-1 on the road, after defeating the Buffalo Sabres 4-2 Friday night.

Vancouver’s victory was sealed with an empty netter from Derek Dorsett. 120 more words