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Long Run - 15 Miles

I knew from the very first step today that this run was going to be hard. Not because the weather was bad or our route was hilly or we had ambitious pace goals or anything like that. 487 more words

Work trip: NYC, Niagara, Toronto, Boston!

I’m rather excited for my next work trip – a week on the East Coast of the US (and Canada) – and I’ve only been to one of them before. 77 more words


1947 letter from Family in Poland

I have wondered about the circumstances in which my great-grandmother Maryanna Kasprzyk Skrok Kwiatek and her family left Buffalo and returned to Poland in 1920. Was it the Second Polish Republic, as after World War I the country of Poland was legally recreated? 608 more words



  Hi! My name is Ebonie Warren. I am from Buffalo NY.

I want to welcome you to my blog… Little about me I was born hearing impaired and I love working from home. 74 more words


Don't Miss: Goo Goo Dolls @ The Anthem, 10/13/18

Goo Goo Dolls (Photo by Bob Mussel)

Fans of the late-‘90s and early-‘00s rock scene got a little bit of a treat earlier this month when the Goo Goo Dolls… 614 more words

Music Park

Beyond Meat Burger

While traveling through the dangerous paradise that is Whole Foods, I came across a package of “burgers” by the company “Beyond Meat.” These specific burgers stood out to me, which came as a surprise because I am pretty picky about my veggie burgers. 972 more words

Episode 13: Hops n Hemp


Well…we’re not sure how to say this lightly, but we’re releasing this episode on a day where a lot of people celebrate a certain plant. 494 more words