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TempDB memory leak?

I found a bug where I’m seeing TempDB use more memory than it should on multiple versions of SQL Server, especially on servers set up with common best practices. 1,862 more words

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Indexing Strategy

What do I care about when I’m playing with indexes? That’s easy. I want as few indexes as possible efficiently referenced by as many pertinent, well-tuned, consistently written queries as is reasonable. 5,263 more words

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Data Compression

Data compression is often misunderstood to cost CPU in exchange for smaller size on disk.  Somewhat true, but that simple explanation ignores other savings that often result in net drop in CPU utilization. 1,158 more words

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SQL Server buffer pool

No matter how much memory you put in a system, SQL Server will use all it can get until it’s caching the whole database in memory.  530 more words

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Thinking of getting a bigger pool?

SQL Server 2014 introduced us to a number of great new features, one that’s often overlooked but can quite easily improve the performance of read-heavy OLTP workloads, especially on resource constrained hardware, is Buffer Pool Extensions (BPE). 225 more words