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Thinking of getting a bigger pool?

SQL Server 2014 introduced us to a number of great new features, one that’s often overlooked but can quite easily improve the performance of read-heavy OLTP workloads, especially on resource constrained hardware, is Buffer Pool Extensions (BPE). 225 more words


Examine The Contents Of The Buffer Pool

Examine the current state of the Buffer Pool:

-- Get total buffer usage by database
CASE WHEN bd.database_id = 32767 THEN 'Resource' ELSE d.name END as DatabaseName…
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Azure SQL Database Memory Limits By Service Tier


The new service tiers in Azure SQL Database provide different levels of performance, by offering more of the following at each higher service level: 1,584 more words


MySQL Crashing on Amazon AWS

I run quite a lot of website servers and one particular problem I have been running into over the last few days was our MySQL databases coming in as corrupt. 168 more words


MySQL Performance Tuning

Five things every DBA must know

1> The Slow Query Log – Learn how to activate the Slow Query Log on MySQL. The Slow Query Log is responsible for keeping track of long running queries with the time it took to run them.   502 more words


Have you enabled Lock Pages in Memory?

Firstly for those that already know about this feature of Windows, have you enabled this permission to your SQL Server service account? If not why not? 356 more words


Fixing Page Life Expectancy (PLE)

What is Page Life Expectancy (PLE), what makes it drop, and how can I manage memory better? Abusing disks slows many database servers, and it’s often something you can fix with tuning and not spending extra money on better disks or more memory. 4,240 more words

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