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[cringely.com] Beginning of the end for bufferbloat

The first of several possible solutions to the problem will shortly be available, just in time to save the Internet from self-destruction.

You did not know the Internet was self-destructing, did you? 443 more words

About Bufferbloat

Bufferbloat and Other Challenges

Vint Cerf wrote a wonderful piece on the problems I’ve been wrestling with the last number of years, called “Bufferbloat and Other Internet Challenges… 312 more words


Traditional AQM is not enough!

Note: Updated October 24, 2013, to fix some editorial nits, and to clarify the intended point that it is the combination of a working mark/drop algorithm with flow scheduling that is the “killer” innovation, rather than the specifics of today’s fq_codel algorithm. 4,910 more words


Best Practices for Benchmarking CoDel and FQ CoDel (and almost anything else!)

The bufferbloat project has had trouble getting consistent repeatable results from other experimenters, due to a variety of factors. This Wiki page at bufferbloat.net attempts to identify the most common omissions and mistakes. 34 more words


Bufferbloat in switches/bridges

I received the following question today from Ralph Droms.  I include an edited version of my response to Ralph.

On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 9:45 AM, Ralph Droms (rdroms) < 1,248 more words

TCP Small Queues

Linux 3.6 just shipped.  As I’ve noted before, bloat occurs in multiple places in an OS stack (and applications!). If your OS TCP implementation fills transmit queues more than needed, full queues will cause the RTT to increase, etc. 231 more words