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Dear Danielle

Yesterday marked the last day of my first year of Creative Communications.

To celebrate, we got together for our last Kings Head Friday and raised a glass to the end of the semester. 723 more words

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On a Binge

What’s your favorite method of catching up on a TV show? There’s the binge of course, at the end of which you’re left with gray pallor and bloodshot eyes. 1,317 more words


Bewitched, Bothered and Awesome - Why Buffy still kicks ass

There has been a fair amount written recently about the need for a female led superhero movie and it’s good to see Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman moving ahead. 1,572 more words

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Quote of the Day

Oz:  Oh, hey! Animal cracker?

Willow:  No, thank you. How’s your arm?

Oz:  Suddenly painless.

Willow:  You can still play the guitar okay?

Oz:  Oh, not well, but not worse.

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Quote Of The Day

Teen Movies that got Us Through the 90s

Being a teenager in the 90s was a total drag! Cell phones were only available to the elite, you couldn’t download music off the internet, and there wasn’t such thing as Facebook or Instagram. 898 more words


'Buffy' nostalgia recap: Questioning reality

Season 5 | Episode 5 | “No Place Like Home” | Aired Oct 24, 2000

I’ve written before about the vast difference between Buffy the Vampire Slayer… 1,104 more words

Stephanie Reads Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10 Issue #14

To get to the bottom of who is controlling Spike and making him kill humans or killing humans and making Spike think he did it, they decide to do a magical mind walk. 126 more words

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