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New News and Old.

Old news first: I got accepted as a special permissions reader at the Folger Shakespeare Library! I kept waiting until a deep heartfelt blog post welled within me to post something, but honestly when I got the acceptance I screamed, cried, bought some magical flower-bedecked-donkey notebooks, and let the imposter syndrome make itself at home. 286 more words


Killed by Death Review (2x18)

Killed by Death feels like a season one episode. It has that level of production value and falls into many of season one’s pitfalls. It isn’t bad so much as it is confusing in places and slow in others. 895 more words


Passion Review (2x17)

Passion is a great episode. Since Angelus’ first arrival in Innocence, we have heard of his evil but haven’t explicitly seen it. Yes – he killed Jenny’s uncle and tormented Buffy with their night together but considering he was built up as one of the most formidable opponents Buffy might ever face. 1,602 more words


Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Review (2x16)

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered is one of season two’s best one-off episodes and with good reason. A personal opinion of mine is that the best one-off episodes are character lead compared to the plot-heavy episodes that are obviously led by the plot. 1,694 more words


1.08 I Robot, You Jane


Fritz: “If you’re not jacked in, you’re not alive.”

If you’re not jacked in…you’re not alive!

So…jack in immediately! Jack in to the matrix. Jack in to your TV.

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Phases Review (2x15)

Phases is an important episode. It explores more lore of the Buffyverse and sets certain elements in motion. Despite these keys, even show changing factors, I find most of the episode… okay. 906 more words


My Best Friend Is Finally Watching 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' So Now I'm Dead

I, Ari Eastman, am many things. A daughter, friend, cat mom, poet, neurotic goofball, a gluten-free babe, etc. I mean, honey, the list goes on and on! 305 more words