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Episode 2, Strip 13 "Her Priorities May Be Weird, But Her Heart's in the Right Place"

Willow just looked so pissed in that last frame I had to make her upset, even though she really just saved the day.

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Life Coach: Cordelia Chase, The Friend We All Need

Where does one begin to describe Cordelia Chase?  She joins Buffy the Vampire Slayer as a potential new friend to the recent transfer student, Buffy Summers.   1,109 more words


TV From The Crypts: Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 4

Welcome back Whedonites. Lilith here to rehash season 4 of our favorite vampire-laden TV show Buffy. Get ready for some deviations from the usual with the Scooby Gang; this season brought with it some heavy topics, full of love, science, slaying, studying and sex. 1,536 more words


What's on Netflix?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Created by Joss Whedon, this cult classic centres around a teenage girl as she struggles with her duties as a Vampire Slayer. 97 more words

Life can be depressing. But I find ways...

It would be quite easy to spill the beans on all things that have given me the one thing I wish I never had- Depression. I dont have a definitive reason why I feel the way I do sometimes. 337 more words


February 24

Some memories surfaced today that I’d like to talk about. I recalled how I felt toward the people who were closest on the sidelines during my psychotic episodes. 634 more words