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Watching Queen of the Damned

I’ve seen Queen of the Damned before. Around when it came out, so 2002? I know that it’s terrible; but my new Korn obsession combined with knowing (being reminded of?) Jonathan Davis involvement in the soundtrack I… 528 more words


I Only have Eyes for You

Continuing the theme of crazy love, this episode focusses on the ghost of a teacher and a pupil who had an illicit relationship in 1955. Driven mad with love James kills his teacher Grace, then himself because they couldn’t be together. 475 more words

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Episode 196 - My Triumphs and My Mistakes


Episodes discussed: BSG 3×16 Dirty Hands and the Buffy Season 6 Recap

Time Stamps: BSG 00:00-1:13:20; Buffy 1:13:20 to the end

Dirty Hands

Written by Jane Espenson & Anne Cofell Saunders; Directed by Wayne Rose… 95 more words


The Great Buffy Re-Watch: S1E4 "Teacher's Pet"

The Bronze is under attack by vampires…again (must be Tuesday). The Bronze is lucky it has a monopoly on nighttime hotspots, because if that wasn’t the case I can’t imagine anyone would want to go there twice. 1,767 more words


Killed by Death

I didn’t need to score this episode to know it’s one of my favourites. It feels like a Season 1 episode, but way better- the jackpot in the monster pick-n-mix. 557 more words

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Fear is My Demon

I am going to start with this because well…it’s Buffy….chock full of life lessons. Thanks Joss Whedon, you’re a genius!

I have had a little issue the last few days. 876 more words


Episode 195 - It'd Be Easier to Hate You


Episodes discussed: Buffy 6×22 Grave and BSG 3×15 A Day in the Life

Time Stamps: Buffy 00:00-1:11:45; BSG 1:11:45 to the end


Written by David Fury; Directed by James A. 109 more words