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So, I Heard You Like Ghost Stories

…and if you don’t then you probably like book reviews, which is something that I also post frequently! If you’re here for book reviews, then I’m terribly sorry but you’ll have to wait until Thursday. 930 more words


The Ever Awkward Beginning

Deciding what to write about for one’s first blog post is a lofty decision. I thought picking out a domain name was stressful, but that’s nothing compared to staring at a blank page wondering if I just wasted the last 45 minutes figuring out how to customize this thing. 1,134 more words

First Post


Happy 2017!

I usually try not to make a list of New Years resolutions (for obvious reasons), but this year I broke my own rule. I actually made my entire family sit down – even my 3 year old – to discuss #1 on my resolution list: 470 more words


Typical Episodes in Sci-Fi Shows

Have you ever noticed running themes in supernatural shows, or episodes with the same plot? There are SO many.

  • The Main character is tricked into believe they are insane in a mental institution and their whole life is a delusion.
  • 397 more words

Closet Monster (2015)

D: Stephen Dunn / 90m

Cast: Connor Jessup, Isabella Rossellini, Aaron Abrams, Aliocha Schneider, Joanne Kelly, Sofia Banzhaf, Jack Fulton, Mary Walsh

A coming of age tale, … 1,332 more words