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This is the season to watch out for the Colorado River Toad, also called the Bufo Toad

At 7 inches or more this is one of the largest toads native to North America. Adults have a uniformly green to greenish-gray topside of the body and creamy white underside. 544 more words


Pet Owners Should Beware Of Bufo Toad Activity After Rain

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — A Tampa dog is being treated for poisoning by a Bufo toad, a species known for its hallucinogenic toxins and increased activity during periods of unusually heavy rains. 471 more words


Danny and the Toad


Danny the Dog here with another tale of lust and depravity, oh wait, that’s Andrew’s bailiwick. Andrew, for the few of you who don’t know, is my human. 751 more words

Stranger in a Strange Land

Last week I had the privilege of being the guest speaker for a Toastmasters Demonstration Meeting. Demonstration meetings are often used to promote the formation of a new club by showcasing the skills and other benefits an organization can gain by sponsoring a Toastmasters club. 733 more words


Trap and Eliminate Bufo Marinus Toads

Bufo Marinus Toads, also known as Cane Toads and Giant Toads, can kill dogs in minutes. (Read: Bufo Toads Can Kill Your Dog!) Bufos love pet food and can kill a dog by previously coming in contact with the pet food or water bowl, so DON’T leave food or water sitting out! 654 more words


Poisonous Bufo Toads Can Kill Your Dog

Bufo Toads (also known as Giant Toads, Cane Toads and scientifically, Bufo marinus) are a major threat to dogs in South Florida. An invasive species, these Giant Toads are highly toxic to animals and cause death 100% of the time if the animal comes into contact with poison or if not treated instantly. 515 more words


Sex and Death Bufo Colony

Reports are surfacing of a new Bufo Virtanus outbreak in Sydney, Austrailia, developing in the area of the Royal Botanic Gardens Glass Pyramid. The subspecies has been named the Sex and Death Bufo Colony, because it has developed visual traits of the… 191 more words