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A man and his chewy

Overall, I am a very friendly soul. I have a super high tolerance level, I don’t mind being picked on, picked at, pounced on, and the like (all traits of my baby sister) BUT when it comes to my chewy…..WATCH OUT. 78 more words

Mind over matter

While I may not have super-canine strength….I am fairly confident if I stand here long enough I can make the fire hydrant budge. And if that fails, mommy and daddy are going to unwind me in another 10 seconds! 16 more words

I'm all ears

It may seem a bit ironic that even though I cannot actually hear, that I am one of the best listeners you will ever meet. Everyone knows “hearing” and really “listening” are not the same thing. 171 more words

The look

While I am definitely a pup who isn’t afraid to work hard for what he wants, I also know how to work my assets.  I learned at an early age that the head-tilt and quizzical look (which extenuates my forehead wrinkles) can go a long way. 99 more words

Ode to Friday Eve

It is that time of the week again……the long-haul of the work week is almost coming to a head, and it is only one more day until the weekend which means OVERLOAD of mommy and daddy time! 59 more words

Not on my watch

While most people don’t realize pugs are extreme guard dogs, I am here to share that we 100% are……when it comes to certain things. We vow to never let anyone in the fridge without having to get past us, we promise to always scarf up any rogue crumb or accidental food dropping from any room in the house, and we guarantee you will never be able to eat a meal again without having some twinge of guilt when looking at our wrinkly faces begging you for a little taste. 19 more words

Clean up crew

I know some pups are scared of the fur-sucker-upper machine….but I really enjoy it! Granted, I cannot hear the loud noise it makes so it makes it a lot less threatening to me! 57 more words