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New Release: The Collected Works of J. A. Atanda

The Collected Works of J. A. Atanda

This collection of the essays and books of the late Professor J. A. Atanda covers the broad spectrum of his work on the Yoruba, the Old and New Oyo Empire, colonial Nigeria and Buganda, and reflective essays on a newly independent Nigeria. 287 more words

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challenging Ugandan tourism to a game of dool

If you haven’t heard of the game ‘Mah Jong’, this is your opportunity to Google it, as we consider the potential of a local Ugandan game called… 1,111 more words


Exclusive: Villages where Kabaka's land for Kyapa mu ngalo is located

Many people in Uganda have heard about the Kyapa mu ngalo land registration project that is ongoing in Buganda Kingdom. Unfortunately, this innocent project has been misrepresented deliberately by people who want to undermine the Kingdom by inciting people against it. 390 more words

Mayiga goes back to basics on Kyapa mu ngalo; Starts sensitization campaign

Kattikiro Peter Mayiga and the Buganda land board have bowed to pressure from critics of the Kyapa mu ngalo campaign that intends to introduce a special lease for all Bibanja holders on the Kabaka’s 350square mails of land by embarking on a sensitization campaign to educate people about the project. 89 more words


The Kabaka rallies Baganda to speak out against injustices without fear

The Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi has argued his subjects to speak about the injustices around them without fear.

The Kabaka who was officiating at the Kingdom’s Bulungi bwansi day at Mawokota county headquarters also without being specific condemned acts of human rights violation saying that all efforts must be made to ensure respect of human rights and dignity to human life. 102 more words


Layering the Past : Photomontage

Layers of family history are built up in this work, overshadowed by WW2 warplanes and and the news from a recently discovered issue of the Daily Mirror from 1940. 240 more words

Kabaka Mutebi Pleased to meet his Subjects from the Kibe Clan

The Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi has today pleased to meet and have a conversation with his subjects from the Kibe (fox) clan at Mengo Palace. 333 more words