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Fill Y'ur Boots with Fun Fill Ins

Knock it off Kali.    All I want to know is what’s under your paw.  You’re a pest today.  Am not.                                                               There’s nothing under my paw.  Now. 140 more words

British Lions carry out bugging sweep on dressing rooms

The British and Irish Lions routinely sweep their facilities at the team’s hotels for their tour of New Zealand for listening devices, chief executive John Feehan has confirmed, during an interview with… 229 more words


How not to use a microwave

Busy bowling and juggling alternative facts and fake news on imaginary massacres and finding time-slots to promote Yvanka Trump goodie-bags, it is no surprise Kellyanne the Con never found time to read microwave manuals. 536 more words



It is reported that Donald Trump has accused Barack Obama of orchestrating the bugging of Trump Tower during the presidential election campaign and some are speculating that this may be a diversionary tactic to take attention away from his other problems. 272 more words


Is something bugging you?

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The next time you wake up in the morning with an itch in your nose, it might not be a case of hay fever. 920 more words

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Build Network Marketing Business Without Bugging Family and Friends

Network Marketing industry is growing very fast and in my opinion it will continue to grow for various reasons. Some of the reasons are:

There is no job security anymore… 105 more words

IPS introduce ShieldSak mobile phone shield to their product range

For over 25 years International Procurement Services, have provided security solutions to Government agencies, International companies and high net worth individuals supplying surveillance, debugging sweep team services, countermeasures and consultancy services and now, along with REI, Audiotel, Shearwater, Scanna, Flir and QCC equipment ranges, they have added ShieldSak to their product range. 263 more words

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