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What's bugging you? What's eating you?

I ignore the fact that I may open Pandoras box here, but I really like to know what’s bugging you.

Let me explain.

I’m about to finish an art project that I call “Pick your fight”. 300 more words

What Ever/Övrigt

Prepper Myth #5: You Have to Bug Out

Note: Myths 5 – 10 were taken from a post by a so-called prepper expert providing advice while dispelling “myths” about prepping and bugging out. I thought the advice to be so outrageously idiotic and dangerous that I felt the need to respond to this guy before he gets people killed. 442 more words


The Sun Is Out.

Well the winter was a bit of a right off for grayling fishing rain and high water for months on end, so today D asked if we could go out fishing for trout as it’s his Easter holidays, it was a beautiful day so why not, when we got to the water it was quite warm but no fish moving on the surface so I set D up with a duo method, nice bright klink with a small size 16 bead head nymph underneath it, to my surprise 3 cast later I hear “Dad I’ve got one” and got one he had a very big grayling had taken the bead head nymph, it took some persuading to come to the net, went straight out of the run it was hooked in and over a rapid into another slower piece of water where I finally managed to put the net underneath it, what a lump 47cm long and the biggest fish my little fella had ever hooked, shame it was out of season so not hanging around one quick pick and back into the water, it was a really disappointing to see all the predation marks over it’s body.

Andrew Cartwright

Abusive Kissing?

This has been bugging me lately and so I just wanted some clarification. Could French kissing (kissing with tongues) be called abusive? As a baby I was repeatedly kissed in this way by an alcoholic friend of my parents who told them that they thought I was pretty. 52 more words

SF Zoo Management Accused Of Illegal Eavesdropping On Workers

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Allegations that upper management at the San Francisco Zoo eavesdropped on employees using a radio communication system as a bugging device has union teamsters demanding the zoo uphold their employees’ right to privacy. 482 more words


What's Bugging you?

I woke up this morning with somewhat of a heavy heart and just had to pray through; asking the Holy Spirit what is it that has been… 1,492 more words

We prefer to have you under surveillance than give you a job

Back in December 2013 it was reported by Office for National Statistics (ONS) that UK employment figures have risen to 72% with the corresponding percentage of unemployed falling to 7.4%. 702 more words