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stoned dead

which sort of describes how I feel at the moment but while I still have my shuck, this little guy’s a lot better looking than me. 17 more words

Fly Fishing

"...then others just don't fanny around..."

not a whole lot to learn or whoop and whap about but a 1:52 short little venture into Scottish river-side humour for your pleasure that’s bound to raise a few lip corners. 10 more words

Fly Fishing


as elusive as the real ones…

for more delicious streamside art by Steven Seinberg via MidCurrent click the image. enjoy !

Fly Fishing

November Caenis (or, doing three things at the same time)

multitasking is a stupid concept. i want to do several things at the same time knowing very well that neither one will be done properly as if it had been done separately but the unfocussed mind persists, considers it a… 141 more words

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monday's may

served to you fresh on a bed of unsweetened chantilly and crunchy pointillism, bon appétit !

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