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inventory quantity incorrect

When on the admin > products > inventory page, the “available” column shows the number of available products at one location. If your stock is sitting in more than 1 location, this number will be inaccurate.


The Doodlebug

roly poly
compact and small
i like it when you
roll into a ball

dinky doodle
tiny bug
wish i could give
you a hug

The Mosquito

annoying bug
bloodsucking goon
humming your
high pitched tune

not going to lie
you are a bummer
insect pest
of the summer


Here are some variances of two butterflies that look a lot alike. Both American Ladies and Painted Ladies are found throughout North America. Both species are salmon colored with black splotches on the top wings. 63 more words


The Spider

I see a foot! I want to bite her!
that’s because I’m a spider
I have a web (spun it myself)
in the corner of your bookshelf… 67 more words

Android Camera App Bug Discovered

Android phone users, beware! A bug has recently been discovered that can give a simple, but maliciously crafted app access to your phone’s camera, allowing someone able to record video, take pictures, even extract GPS data from your pictures, all without your knowledge or consent. 8 more words


Bees sniff out explosives.



Researchers at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico said they trained honeybees to stick out their proboscis — the tube they use to feed on nectar — when they smell explosives in anything from cars and roadside bombs to belts similar to those used by suicide bombers. 123 more words