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the scorpion and the slug (excerpt)

“Where you goin’ in such a hurry?” the scorpion asked the slug.

Now the slug didn’t know how to respond at first. First off, he had never been stopped by a scorpion in the bathtub before and wasn’t certain of the protocol. 358 more words

Ill at ease

Why are you so ill at ease?

Is it maybe because of my bees?

I know I’m covered in thousands now,

But if not so, then tell me how, 107 more words

Rhyming Story

Bad Things Happen After Setting Your iOS Device's Date to Jan. 1, 1970

Some sage advice: No matter what someone tells you, do not—under any circumstances—change the date on your iOS device to Jan. 1, 1970.

It sounds weird, but there’s good reason: it will render your device unusable. 397 more words


The Weirdest Christmas Present Ever... (Praying Mantis Care)

It was Christmas morning, and the living room floor was littered with wrapping paper. My younger brothers has just unwrapped new surfboards, and now it was my turn to open a gift. 514 more words

Praying Mantid

The Short Reign of the Bug King

One day, under the great green stalks of the grasslands, two bugs bumped into each other quite accidentally. Under the shade of the grass, they argued amongst themselves who was the better bug, and which most deserved to walk in that patch of land. 533 more words



“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” – Robert Frost

 …but how fleeting the time for mere mortals like you and I. 72 more words