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Keep the Bugs Away

I got this recipe from the website The Hearty Soul, which got the recipe from another site (as noted below).  I posted a recipe for making your own beg repellent for yourself, but this is for the home, as a spray.  192 more words


My Comprehensive list of bugs

Let’s all face the music and realize that the days of “bugless” game releases are mostly behind us and Art of Conquest is no exception. With that, please enjoy the compiled list of bugs with screenshots, descriptions, and my thoughts on how it impacts the game below. 342 more words

Art Of Conquest


This bush is a Bluebeard Longwood Blue, there are at least five of these in my neighborhood. On sunny days this summer, I have seen numerous Painted Lady Butterflies and Honeybees on them. 14 more words


Spider no.1 

Sharing some of the beautiful insects around my garden.

Please help ID if you can, would love to learn about them! ☺️
For now this is spider no1, a shiny green head with black and gold stripey body spider.


More butterflies...

Butterflies are so plentiful in my yard this year that I had to wonder if it’s a good year for butterflies in general.  I Googled that last night expecting to read some good news, and all I saw were dire warnings about the decline in numbers of butterflies.   23 more words


Kanchanaburi: Bugs

Hannah and I have had some fun with bugs so far…

  1. I ate an ant infested Mangosteen in Pattaya.
  2. Hannah sat in an army of ants by the pool and now has a bite on her lady part… is now having to use cream.
  3. 182 more words