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Guest Blog Post: "Bugging About and Global Warming," in Mick E. Talbot’s exact words

Each of UK nature lover Mick E. Talbot’s three sites (first here, and then here, and lastly here) is a delight. Here’s a sample of his unique writing and photos…

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Guest Posts

March of the Robots D25

Spring time brings all kinds of bugs and insects. Some are pleasant and some are… well…. you run like it’s life or death and some how this little thing is instant death if it lands on you. 35 more words


Natural Bug Repellants

This week was my spring break, and we managed to find a day off together where we spent all day outside. We grilled pizza for lunch and cooked a beef stew all afternoon – and when we pulled it off the fire, it was the most delicious and savory stew we have ever tasted. 956 more words


The Experience

She wanted nothing more,
for there were no things
worth wanting anymore.
And as for wanting itself,
even that had become
a tiresome chore to her… 131 more words