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White #AntiWhites are #SICK because they fight for #WhiteGenocide

Diversity = White Genocide & Anti-White Self-Hatred = SICK

I can’t believe how many people would rather guess “Will Genseric get 6 million views… 276 more words


Sorry, but it was either me or you...

Don’t worry guys, it’s still alive! I spared it and moved it from my desk to the grass outside 😀

Crushed by a jewel bug

Dedicated to Raj – a friend / brother / filmmaker / bird lover (May 8, 1991 – May 22, 2015).

Sometime in November 2013, I was tickling the evening air with my tongue on a parrot-green grass hill near Mooppanpara in Kerala. 617 more words


Funeral March

tiny bug hiking
along my kitchen counter
funeral march


Hot Pad of the Month–May Ladybug

May is always crazy around our house, and this year has been no exception, so I’m sliding in sideways at the last minute with the hot pad for this month. 386 more words


Macro | Silhouette

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When updates bring you down

I decided to take some time this long weekend and update the KTG Photo web site. It had been awhile and I was behind on not only WordPress itself, but also the plugins and theme. 442 more words