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Situational Awareness Bug in Patch 5.5

Streamer and community contributor flamu has noted and confirmed that the Situational Awareness skill isn’t working as it should. If you remember from the 5.5 patchnotes, there was a little bit in there, kind of buried away, that stated ships firing from concealment wouldn’t suffer the 20s detectability penalty if the penalty wouldn’t result in them getting spotted. 104 more words

How to Get Reduce Termites Under the Residence Tiles Before They Ruin Your Home

For anyone unlucky enough to see an attack of mites, the problem is a huge headache. The hazard is authentic as termites thrive on timber thin design of your house are at risk should you find it from mites under attack. 427 more words

Microsculpture - The Insect Portraits of Levon Biss


Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! Insects are a feast for photographers. Convenient. Small. Local. Bizarre. Colorful. I’ve been a bug lover for as long as I can recall. 107 more words


An Exemplary Life

I’d like to lead an exemplary life;

Mindful of all before me!

If it’s all up to you,

Be compassionate too!

With an exemplary wife, I implore thee! 128 more words


Bees and Caterpillars

Guys!  Can I just say this week was so much fun.  Crazy, busy, but fun.  I ended up baking a German apple cake, chocolate chip cookies for my daughter’s school dance, and these little guys for a little boy who wanted bug cookies for his 5th birthday party.I wanted the bugs, especially the caterpillars to have a segmented look to them to make them a bit more realistic.  181 more words

Bee with no Sting

As is typical after an opera run, today is “hangover day”. No, I didn’t drink too much, but I feel out of sorts, my brain feels “fuzzy” (as does my vision at the moment), and I feel as if I can’t get much done. 77 more words

Macro Photography