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If you Drink, Don’t Drive

When the Canadian Safe Boating Council speaks to Canadian boaters each year about the dangers of drinking and boating, there is no gentle way to do it. 262 more words

V is for Vả Figs

We tend to think of Vietnamese cuisine as a single entity, but really it’s made up of many regional dishes and ingredients. The cooking of Huế features a variety of such foods, and a variety of locally grown fig is one of these. 725 more words

Viet Nam

Lineage of Lugh

I am the son of many mothers
Ethliu bore me
Bírog carried me
Taltiu raised me
Fand saw me armed

I am the son of many fathers… 72 more words


Rotskagg Blenkinsopp

Prominent within the Mead Hall, even from the imposing doorway, despite the jostling crowd, was a massive bulk of bulging muscle beneath a covering of sun blackened hide, criss-crossed with livid scars and almost entirely covered in tattoos, a red beard, plaited and bowed, a stub of clay pipe, a third hand black leather Saint Laurent biker jacket, scuffed and stained with sump oil, over a pink, Eric Bloodaxe t-shirt, striped Bermuda shorts, Doc Martens 14 eyelet Black 1914s, a red headscarf and black felt hat with blacker ostrich feathers and an extra wide brim turned up and pinned at the front. 527 more words

Bozzy Shenton

Motorcyclist Injured in Collision with SUV in SW Portland

Date: September 20, 2015

Location: Southwest Multnomah Boulevard and 34th Avenue

Names: Unavailable

Motorcyclist Injured in Collision with SUV in SW Portland

Early Sunday morning a motorcyclist suffered traumatic injuries after crashing into an SUV in Southwest Portland. 275 more words

Personal Injury


18h30 máy bay của Tiger hạ cánh tại sân bay quốc tế Ngrurah. Nếu các bạn đến Bali sớm hơn thì có thể chiêm ngưỡng được kiến trúc của sân bay này. 1,327 more words

Du Hí

Wee Hamish

They squeezed through as near to the front as they could manage and Dark Flo lifted the vertically challenged Ferdy onto her shoulders. They were in time to see Snowdrop’s techanka wreathed in flowers with Consuella in her most exotic Carmen Miranda outfit, letting rip on her tambourine. 741 more words

Bozzy Shenton