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Build Automation Panel

Last Tuesday, I participated in an online panel on the subject of Build Automation as part of Continuous Discussions (#c9d9), a series of community panels about Agile, Continuous Delivery and DevOps. 648 more words

Continuous Integration, Delivery And Deployment

Exploring the GitHub Service Universe

Tools for unit testing, building applications, analyzing software quality and planning release scopes are an essential aspect of modern software development. With GitHub and “pluggable” external services there are lots of options to move these aspects into “the Cloud”. 109 more words

My quest for a build script solution in .NET is (finally) over

My never ending quest for finding a build script solution that satisfies my requirements for facilitating builds within .NET might just have come to an end. 2,447 more words


Build Java Maven github project on travis-ci

I used to use Cloudbees’ buildhive for continuous builds of my Java/Maven based github projects. But buildhive currently does not offer JDK 8. So far that hasn’t been a problem, but I recently started using lambdas and default methods in interfaces and other Java 8 goodness. 618 more words


My Favorite Puppet, Docker, Git, and npm Code Snippets

The following is a collection of my favorite Puppet, Docker, Git, and npm commands and code snippets.

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Use ILMerge in PostBuild Event

There are several reasons to use ILMerge after a build. In case of a CRM Plug-In for example you cannot reference any Assemblies but those included in the CRM SDK and the .NET Framework itself. 988 more words


Installing Puppet Master and Agents on Multiple VM Using Vagrant and VirtualBox

 Automatically provision multiple VMs with Vagrant and VirtualBox. Automatically install, configure, and test Puppet Master and Puppet Agents on those VMs.


Note this post and accompanying  1,877 more words

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