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Essential Gradle - A Birdie's Look.

This blog is to help the reader understand essentials of Gradle build tool.


Building a software is a craft by itself; build process usually involve a series of task such as picking the right libraries, compiling the source code, package distributed executable,  test using automated scripts and report process progress. 1,254 more words

Build Automation

Introduction to Continuous Delivery

So what is the problem? And why do we need Continuous delivery?

Regardless what agile methodology framework we use, and no matter how agile our software development is, as long as we are not moving that developed code into production environment, or at least make it production ready, as fast as how it was developed, then, we are probably not making the best use of the Agile Software methodologies. 755 more words


Build Automation for Dotnet Core Apps

In a previous blog post I documented how I built a “Build Server” to deploy .NET 4.6+ apps on windows 2012 server.

While this worked, and was a reasonably good way to do it, It wasn’t without it’s problems. 2,200 more words

C# Coding

Salesforce DX

This post provides a practioner’s introduction to Salesforce DX (Developer Experience) a new software development lifecycle paradigm for Salesforce. Please note at the time of writing (Spring ’17 – v40.0) Salesforce DX is at public beta status. 1,398 more words

Development Lifecycle

Distributed Service Configuration with Consul, Spring Cloud, and Docker


In this post, we will explore the use of HashiCorp Consul for distributed configuration of containerized Spring Boot services, deployed to a Docker swarm cluster. 4,809 more words

Software Development

| Jenkins – Build Configuration |


Configure Jenkins to build a project on demand, or whenever code is pushed to TFS, and archive (save) the artifacts (output).


This article is from a .NET development perspective – using a full Microsoft stack.   328 more words

| Jenkins - Installation and Setup |

What / Why?

Jenkins is Build Automation server software.  It’s the defacto standard for Continuous Integration (CI).  Any serious development team consisting of more than one person, should have a Jenkins server setup. 274 more words