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Create an Enchanting Christmas Wreath for Your Bath!

Decorating With Festive Cheer It’s just about that time of the year again. If you want to get a jump start on the Christmas decorations in your bathroom, here is a little project that is sure to get you in the mood. 20 more words

How Efficient Are Low Flow Toilets for Green Bath Living?

Toilets are Notorious Water Guzzlers If you are not aware, the toilet is the single biggest water usage station in your entire home. Flushing your toilet is responsible for about thirty-eight percent of the water used inside your residence every day. 21 more words

Developers want to build luxury condo — for cars, not people — in Overtown

Would you park your Porsche or Maserati in Overtown? Developers plan to build a condo — for cars, not people — on mostly vacant land in the historic neighborhood struggling Click to Continue

Summer Uniform : Ode to the Little Blue Dress

The little blue dress. I could easily get poetic about them. I feel my sartorial best when I wear one. My little black dress has always been blue. 1,156 more words


Receiving the Ben Heck Xbox One Tablet Portable Build

Element14 held a contest where they would give away the XBox One build to one lucky member and guess what. That was me. 182 more words


Tiling a Bathroom Window Sill

A Topical Application for a Professional Look Tiling a bathroom window sill not only makes it waterproof but stain and rot resistant as well. Needless to say, laying tiles in a window recess is also a quick and easy way to give your bathing space a speedy facelift without the actual expense of redecorating. 8 more words