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Build Anaerobic Endurance FAST With the Jacob's Ladder!

The Jacob’s Ladder hosts numerous benefits for all levels of athletes. Simple, 150-200 foot sprints on the Jacob’s Ladder will surely tire out even the most well-conditioned athletes. 13 more words

Microsoft \\build\ 2016

From the Universal Windows Platform to Windows Ink to Hololens to Cloud a series of Keynote speeches from the Microsoft \\build\ conference that truly echo Microsoft’s powerful vision statement, 24 more words


215 Hopper FPV Build

After the mad rush of getting my ultimaker operational and making my Iron Man mask I have finally been able to get back to my FPV build of the 215 Hopper. 824 more words


42032 Compact Loader & Instructions App

This is the first set I built, about three weeks ago, and which got me into LEGO Technic. At less that AUD25 I think it’s a pretty good start for anyone wondering about trying out Technic. 241 more words

Crane build done

I’ve finished this build. It was pretty straightforward. The coolest part is probably the two dog clutches that change the hand crank input between lowering/raising the boom, extending the boom, and lowering/raising the hook. 49 more words

Still Alive

The final progress presentations went well! Got a lot of great feedback on the current progress of my thesis, at this 90% (or so) mark in production. 395 more words