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New Construction: the Process of a Residential Build

New construction means you don’t have to deal with hidden issues that come with older homes, knowing you are up to code on everything, and you don’t have to compete for a highly desired home during a seller’s market. 541 more words


Poem with an explanation: The rain fell

The rain fell –

the farmer celebrated,

the builder complained.

This poem is about how people respond to social issue news.

The news sometimes has stories about social issues.  182 more words


How I'm Working Towards My Dream Life

Photo by Tom Swinnen on Pexels.com

I felt compelled today to share the worksheets I have been doing daily in order to manifest my dream life and the process by which I identified what I wanted to be working on. 116 more words


Medical Office Complete in Winston-Salem, NC

Wilson-Covington completed the interior and exterior upfit of this two-story building in Winston-Salem, NC for a medical office and laboratory space. Work included the addition of an elevator to serve the upper floor and extensive facade improvements along with new interior layout and all finishes. 7 more words


Mesh Moon

Tinkering around in blender, I uploaded, wait for it, a mesh ball! Wow, 3d pros are shaking in their boots I’m sure. You have to start somewhere, and basically the first forays into a 3d package are just free-styling, no structured agenda just yet. 44 more words



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All cities are like puzzles, if you think about it. They’re composed of different pieces that fit together in many different ways, and present solutions to problems like traffic and accessibility depending on how they’re arranged. 775 more words

Steam Reviews

Review: Pocket Build

Developer: MoonBear LTD
Publisher: MoonBear LTD
Genre: Fantasy, Sandbox Builder
Price: £1.99

To create your own fantasy world and fill it with monsters, royalty, and NPCs is something I have always found interesting. 449 more words