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Social Media Still An Exceptional Place To Build Your Brand As An Author...

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Today my dear friend and PR expert, Marsha Friedman, CEO of EMSI Public Relations is our Guest and will be sharing why Social Media is still a great place to build your brand as an author. 798 more words


Social Media Is YOUR Space - Fill It With Your Vibes

Your social media channels are one of the best places to express yourself but what sort of content should you be filling it with?  Asked this question, I’m sure you’d respond with things such as band/music photography, links or posters to to your upcoming gigs etc.  263 more words

How to create your Author “Pit Crew” Part 3: Author's Assistant– #Author #TipsandTricks

Most people think of authors as solitary creatures who hide out in a dimly lit office pecking away at their keyboard and tearing their hair out in fat chunks while they slave over their newest book. 1,044 more words

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Building a Social Media Presence

Having a presence on social media is a necessary part of every business’s marketing budget. However, there are many businesses such as small and medium sized family businesses that are still not online. 378 more words

Lessons From a Dandelion


 Not just the bane of every gardener’s existence, but could it be for us, that Dandelions are an example set before us to teach us how we as humans, whether in our homes, daily walks of life or in business can conduct ourselves when it comes to creating more of what we want in this world? 430 more words

Forming Organizations

Building a Brand is Essential

The former president of North American operations at Starbucks Coffee, John B. Richards has been instrumental in structuring and scaling up many organizations at which he has been employed. 205 more words

John B. Richards

No more markdowns

Engineers build things to solve problems. They filter through effects to find causes so problems can be solved and lives can be happier. More importantly engineers speak up when they see something that’s deeply broken. 84 more words