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Life. It happens on the Road.

Sighs of Nature SS15, Goa

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Feel the Road. Feel the Emotion. Feel Alive.

My first video blog, the making of ‘Sighs of Nature’ SS15, Goa. 132 more words

Stop Trying To Be Perfect

A Personal Note to YOU:
This biggest obstacle standing in your way is YOU. You’re afraid of what people will say if you mess up during your presentation. 95 more words


All it Takes is a Smile

I woke up this morning in a panic. It didn’t matter that it’s a Saturday. I had a list of things to do at TLB… 468 more words

ON MEDIUM: If you are going to be online then you may as well be everywhere

When it comes to building a personal brand online I have to firstly state my claim… I don’t think “building” a personal brand is the way to look at it. 72 more words

"by Ivan Siladji"

How To Build Your Music Career Brand In 2015 In 20 Easy Steps

How To Build Your Music Career Brand in 2015 In 20 Easy Steps

So we’re here, 2015 you’ve spent the last few months telling everyone that you’re gonna make a change to your life this year, that its your year, and more than likely 2014 was supposed to be too, but i understand that sometimes it’s hard to know what to do, so i put together this small list of 20 ways to build your brand in 2015, you will find detailed articles attached to some of them which i definitely recommend you check out… 176 more words

Music Industry

Of Ends and Beginnings..

The year is all but spent. Just a few hours left to reclaim the day that will become the past. What will we do on this last day of a long tumultuous year? 294 more words

What the Success of 'Brand Beyoncé' Can Teach About Building a Brand

This is nothing less of a textbook strategy in building a brand effectively. Technology has brought consumer and company closer together, allowing more accurate data sharing. 105 more words

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