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Building a Brand is Essential

The former president of North American operations at Starbucks Coffee, John B. Richards has been instrumental in structuring and scaling up many organizations at which he has been employed. 205 more words

John B. Richards

No more markdowns

Engineers build things to solve problems. They filter through effects to find causes so problems can be solved and lives can be happier. More importantly engineers speak up when they see something that’s deeply broken. 84 more words


Fashion industry leaders need more data intelligence

So many companies talk about how they are becoming more and more data driven. While I think that’s a good thing, I also think it could also be a very dangerous thing. 122 more words


How to build your brand!!!

We are all just beginning to build our brand. I am looking at ways to building my brand further and I came across this… 59 more words

Makeup And Fashion

Know your customer.

Understand who your customer is and what they want from you. If you’re a brand and sell your products to other retailers, you need to know what their customers bought of your products. 113 more words


Becoming an Outdoor Entrepreneur

It’s been awhile. I haven’t posted on here in a few months as I have been searching and brainstorming for some time now. Still looking for that idea to allow me to build my brand and earn an income around my life style. 355 more words

5 Tips to Help You Build Your Brand

Building a strong and reputable Brand needs hard work, vision and tons of patience. Over the years Team Forziani has learnt lessons on Brand building the hard and long way. 439 more words