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Preface to Start Your Brand

Preface to Start Your Brand on SoLoMoBOX

It’s funny I have spent most of my digital marketing career keeping the competitive edge or the secrets of the industry secret, and now my competitive edge is to give you those tactics and automation as a service. 74 more words

Defining Moments

It’s a common point of view that women don’t help each other much in business. They are accused of not being team players at work, or told that they are too competitive. 335 more words


Sailboat Races & The Corinthian Yacht Club

My business partner was racing today, and in 30 plus knots of wind, I might add. So we went to the Corinthian Yacht Club in Belvedere, California to meet him. 143 more words


Smooth Sailing

The last months of the year surprisingly brought a tremendous amount of fun. My precious daughter was home from college, my friend Jeff was home from Colombia, my business partner and I attended some very interesting and enjoyable Capital fund raising events, and it was my birthday which brought a few weeks worth of parties, lunches and celebrations. 512 more words


Build a Brand, Not Just a Company

What’s the Difference?

A company sells a product, service, or entertainment.  A brand is the company’s personality — it’s the front-facing side of the business that customers interact with. 330 more words


How I'm Going About BRANDING Myself...

Guess what? 2017 is coming to an end, 2018 is literally a few weeks away. So what does that mean? Well of course everyone is talking about all the changes they are going to make: loss weight, be more outgoing, smile more, meet new positive people, pick up a hobby and of course cut all the toxic people out of their lives. 620 more words


Marin, Tim Parr & Caddis

Being your own boss has many benefits, one of them is meeting up with interesting people in beautiful places. Today, in Marin, I sit outside in the sunshine having lunch with the legendary Tim Parr, who’s been a driver behind iconic brands like Patagonia, Kona, and L.L. 229 more words