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How I'm Going About BRANDING Myself...

Guess what? 2017 is coming to an end, 2018 is literally a few weeks away. So what does that mean? Well of course everyone is talking about all the changes they are going to make: loss weight, be more outgoing, smile more, meet new positive people, pick up a hobby and of course cut all the toxic people out of their lives. 620 more words


Marin, Tim Parr & Caddis

Being your own boss has many benefits, one of them is meeting up with interesting people in beautiful places. Today, in Marin, I sit outside in the sunshine having lunch with the legendary Tim Parr, who’s been a driver behind iconic brands like Patagonia, Kona, and L.L. 229 more words


Whoever Said it Was Easy Must of Had it Pretty Good

The life of an entrepreneur is wrought with untold obstacles, stress, and fight or flight inducing fear. If this were easy, then everyone would be doing it. 388 more words


Me and a Brand

What is it about having your business that allows you to hide? Is it because most small businesses start online now? Is it because we think no one is interested in the maker, only the items made? 675 more words

Building A Brand

Blessed & Lucky

Yesterday, I was blessed to have been invited to the Keiretsu Forum’s Investor event in San Fransisco.

The event took place in the beautiful Julia Morgan Ball Room. 173 more words


Addicted to PlasticĀ 

Did you know that every time a polyester fleece jacket is machine washed up to 250,000 plastic microfibers are shed into our water system? These nano-particals can’t be filtered by municipal water utilities and they end up in the ocean, the fish we eat, and most importantly our drinking water. 544 more words


How Ocean SF Built the BrandĀ 

I’ve had an interest in design, and the environment since day one. Growing up with horses as a kid on a farm in the Willamette Valley, then later as an avid skier, and now as a sailor, I’ve always been drawn to the outdoors. 197 more words