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Invest in Yourself EVERYDAY!

People love to spend money on food, television, fancy cars, clothes, etc. These are all examples of purchases that you really don’t need. If you want to live an amazing life and reach your full potential, you have got to limit spending your money on these things.  1,004 more words

To My Readers!

To MY readers, the people that fucks with me enough to trust what I say -even if you don’t agree.

I just want to THANK YOU ALL✨🌑 35 more words

Hints and tips for branding and website builds

Building a website is not easy. Especially when you don’t know your widget from your whatsit.

We’re not going to sugar coat this…. getting our brand designed and website built has been an unbelievable source of anxious drama. 645 more words


7 Ways to Build a Better Business

Second blog post – TEST – “Listicle” about how personal trainers can build a better business by utilizing digital services: social media, websites, blogs, online training, etc. 9 more words

Building A Brand

Tesla: The Extraordinary Power of Branding

Tesla are at it again!  Not only have they now secured over 400,000 pre-orders for their Model 3 electric car, they’ve now drawn their delivery schedule forward by two years. 482 more words

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Build It And They Will Come

When you think of fast food… What names do you think of? Whether you agree or not; McDonald’s is probably on the top of your list. 976 more words

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How to successfully sell your photos

My reasons for bringing my camera with me every day, is that I love taking you to amazing places. If you’re as passionate with your camera as I am, I know that is your main reason as well. 963 more words

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