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7 Secrets to Laptop Lifestyle My Way

Not sure why many of us can say the words “Laptop Lifestyle” and shun it like its unreachable. Just hear that text, pick up your phone, and stop to think is it really that unreachable? 692 more words


Gifts That Keep Coming...

It’s incredible the more I wave my magic wand (my trusty paintbrush) and create the future as I see it the more these gifts come that I didn’t know I needed! 292 more words


Art Gallery's Good For Business? 4 Tips That Say Different...

It was about a decade now that I went to the big city of Toronto to push my art. My struggles were “How to get my art into an art gallery? 542 more words


Your Passion Is Your Brand

So I heard about a man named Jeff Sonksen otherwise known for Painting The Trail on Seminole Wekiva Trail in Longwood, Florida. I rushed over after finding out it was only 25min from where I was at in Florida. 482 more words


The Importance Of Sales And Finding Your Purpose

Sales is important. Probably one of (if not the) most important things in life. Sales and negotiation is what you do each and every day. You can’t escape it. 801 more words


11 Actions For Your Brand's Future

Building your brand can be tiring at times to say the least however with daily actions you only get better. What you do today strengthens you for tomorrow right? 116 more words


7 Powerful Tips When Public Speaking About Your Brand

How do people do it! Stand up and be seen by 2, 10, 100, or even thousands of people and speak. When you see someone do it you don’t see what they feel, how sweaty they are, nervousness, or even what they’re thinking. 820 more words