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Building Your Personal Brand

When you think of fast food… What names do you think of? Whether you agree or not; McDonald’s is probably on the top of your list. 820 more words


How to successfully sell your photos

My reasons for bringing my camera with me every day, is that I love taking you to amazing places. If you’re as passionate with your camera as I am, I know that is your main reason as well. 963 more words

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Commuting Towards Greatness

Many resent the commute but I have learned to utilize it. I usually have an hour each way and my MVP is my Stitcher App. Podcast after podcast, fact after fact I learn more and more about building a brand and internally keepping my fire and passion blazing. 86 more words


Rich Bitch Step 8: Work It, Bitches

Catch up here: Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7.

I want to say that I run a couple successful websites that earn income based on ad-revenue, but the truth is, I’m still struggling to find my audience and keep people coming back for content. 1,004 more words


1 year of blogging!

This morning WordPress told me that I’ve been blogging for one year! I kind of new that it must of been close to a year soon. 649 more words

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The Business of a Business

Today was a number crunching day.  It’s rainy outside, kinda cold, and not really inspiring me to do more than eat sugar-free chocolate bars and flavored decaf Krups coffee.   742 more words

Building A Brand

Leprechaun Surprise - Shipped!!!

It’s a typical overcast day in SF. No sunlight to enhance my photos and a highly likely chance of rain. The latter is the driving force of why I package my creations as I do. 433 more words

Building A Brand