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💪🏽💕The Woman Unspoken is Taking A Break 💕💪🏽 😴

For those of you who don’t know, this past weekend 4/18 I was honored at the first annual

💜Women In Power Conference💜 in Flint, MI (my name is spelled wrong, but that’s ok 😘) … 352 more words

Building A Brand

Find me an Angel..

The very prospect of finding another parent for my child gives me the jitters. It would mean sharing my child with someone else – the joys, the tears, the setbacks and the triumphs. 390 more words

5 Ways to Advance Your Career

Today’s economy requires people to stand out in a crowd. A job applicant can no longer submit a generic resume with adequate experience and expect to be hired. 956 more words

Professional Style

Instagram Carousel Ads

Once an “ad free” social media platform, sponsored ads have slowly sprouted on Instagram feeds in the 18 months after Facebook acquired the photo-sharing startup in 2012. 264 more words

College Life

Enlightened Wealth Marketing Tips: Building a Brand Online With Guru Like Awarness

Guru Training: Lesson learned From My Kung Fu Master

I can tell you right now that I have watched every kung fu movie out and can tell you every big time martial artists out their by name which is probably weird for some of you reading this. 541 more words

Enlightened Wealth Coaching & Mindset

Life. It happens on the Road.

Sighs of Nature SS15, Goa

JavaScript required to play Sighs of Nature SS15, Goa.

Feel the Road. Feel the Emotion. Feel Alive.

My first video blog, the making of ‘Sighs of Nature’ SS15, Goa. 132 more words

Stop Trying To Be Perfect

A Personal Note to YOU:
This biggest obstacle standing in your way is YOU. You’re afraid of what people will say if you mess up during your presentation. 94 more words