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Building Blocks

New math. Digital literacy. Executive function. Soft skills. None of these things were “things” when we were in school. Education seemed straightforward to us. We were taught something, memorized it, shared it on the test and moved on to the next topic. 395 more words

Wilmington Montessori School

Get Growing

I went for the most fantastic run this morning.

I recently Black Friday-ed myself a new set of active wear and I am obsessed. Yes, the outfit is super pretty, a lady even stopped me mid leap to ask where I got them (ah yeah) but I also love it because of its practicality. 509 more words


Building Blocks (? The 'world view' of our readers)

Time molds vivid memories from one’s past into the building blocks of one’s writing…

Remembering that our readers are seeing a picture that we are drawing with words, we must keep in mind that the reader may/may not mentally associate with what we are trying to infer. 362 more words

Steven S. Walsky


This website (and paper) is the result of a very precious opportunity granted to me by the Joke Waller-Hunter Initiative (JWHI) at Both ENDS, The Netherlands. 1,035 more words

Building Blocks

List of Abbreviations

ACT – Affected Citizens of the Teesta
BCM – Billion Cubic Metres
BJP – Bhartiya Janata Party
BNP – Bangladesh Nationalist Party
BWDB – Bangladesh Water Development Board… 168 more words

Building Blocks

Are you providing the right building blocks?

Every child is unique and so is the behavior  displayed by every child, based on the situation.

Every behavior, which a child displays moment by moment, is a result of the tiny brain processing a decision and behaving a certain way. 288 more words

Daily Prompt

What do you deserve?

Do you remember when we were growing up, and your parents told you “be grateful for your parents, be grateful for your home, be grateful for your school”, did they ever tell you why? 517 more words