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Blocks can have an important role in children’s development whilst they play. On their own they can encourage imagination by enabling children to work towards building something that they have only planned in their head, promote problem solving by letting children figure out how to make a structure stand up or how to build an even bigger structure, improve fine and gross motor skills through the handling of the blocks and support language skills. 142 more words


My Psychologist hands out sticks!

I have the nicest psychologist, the most open, friendly, loving and informed lady. I leave her office with sticks. Sticks to carry on with. I don’t know who made this image, but its awesome and this is how I feel about my psych.

Shit That Goes On In My Head

in sickness and in health: chronicles of injuries and caretaking

This surgery’s been a long time coming, though we didn’t know it.

Mark hurt his (ring) finger about a month ago, playing frisbee. He dove for a catch (read: threw his body toward the unforgiving earth with too much confidence in his youth and flexibility) and dislocated and fractured his lil digit. 1,619 more words

Original Stuff

broken building blocks

I realize that I should be able to control myself in regard to attitude, behavior, emotions, etc., but sometimes I just can’t.
Today is one of those days. 423 more words

All The Feels

Building Blocks ('Shangri-La' Memories)

We each have magical ‘Shangri-La’ memories; be it from actually visiting, or from dreams enhanced by television and movies.  In time, the ‘Shangri-La’ you remember may become ‘society history’ due to physical changes/destruction, or loss of social awareness.   443 more words

Steven S. Walsky

Lego Decisions


We’ve known all along that we are building something
from nothing, that each click together is all part of the

design. We know dropped bricks mean sore soles, and… 82 more words

Poetic Asides