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Doctors Suck

Not all doctors, but there is a greater percentage of them that suck than don’t. And sadly, one of the reasons why many of them suck is because of how they are taught.  1,171 more words


Item of the day: Deluxe play gym from Argos

Yay, Argos are holding another baby event! Whether you’re pregnant, have just popped one out or have an energetic toddler on your hands, there are plenty of bargains to be found. 100 more words


Having Integrity versus Being "Right"

Everyone likes to think they are right. Sometimes, they are. However, sometimes they are not. Some people seem to try to make a career out of being right. 679 more words


Tripping Over the Building Blocks of Life: How DNA Unravels Our Understanding. Hypothesis 3

I constructed my very own DNA strand when I was in the 4th grade. Of course, mine was made from straws and yarn and not protein, RNA and nucleotides. 855 more words



When creating a strategy, a trader must start with a set of beliefs about how price moves in their market. Start broad, and then whittle it down to a set of specifics. 272 more words