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Building Blocks (Oddities of Life)

Time molds vivid memories from one’s past into the building blocks of one’s writing…For this Building Block, let’s put to rest any character who professes that life is without oddities…where every day is normality centric…and let us disprove it with some oddities of life. 93 more words

Steven S. Walsky

What Experts Say About the Future of the Energy Industry

Source: the Challenges for the Energy Industry, by Alina Tugend, October 15, 2017, the New York Times

This week, the 38th annual Oil & Money Conference was held in London, gathering over 500 executives, policy makers, financiers and experts from the international oil and gas industry. 366 more words

Building Blocks

[번역/요약] 트럼프 행정부의 청정전력계획 폐지

Source: Trump Is Repealing the Clean Power Plan. Here’s What It Means, by the NYT Climate Team, October 10, 2017, the New York Times / EPA Announces Repeal of Major Obama-Era Carbon Emissions Rule, by Lisa Firedman and Brad Plumer, October 9, 2017, the New York Times… 22 more words

Building Blocks

[Eye Candy]: Signs of possible recovery in the construction sector?

Some posts ago, I remember talking about how I was fishing for stocks that are out of favour and one place I looked into was the construction sector. 393 more words

Relationship with food

The human body is a vehicle. One that takes us through life from one point to another. The eating process starts within our mother’s womb and continues for the rest of our life. 383 more words

Building Blocks

Building Blocks

Rome was not

Built in a day,


Is character.

A person today is,

An amalgamation

of all his yesterdays 

Put together.

The undying love… 226 more words

NREL Project: Life Cycle Assessment Harmonization

As discussed in a previous post,  the respective contribution of each electricity generation technology to total greenhouse gas emissions is sometimes analyzed by lifecycle assessment. 202 more words

Building Blocks