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'Recycling' the Funds from Carbon Tax or Cap and Trade

Reducing the national emissions often involves a powerful policy tool such as carbon tax or emission trading. While many focus on the effectiveness of such measures in cutting carbon emissions, there have been some serious discussions on how to spend the money gained from tax or cap-and-trade auctions. 451 more words

Meshing Up

Space above his head

I took the Cat to Melbourne in the school holidays, the first time we have travelled as a pair and a chance for him to spend some time with his godparents. 280 more words

Autistic Building Blocks

There’s an episode of Scrubs in which Dr Cox’s infant son has a playdate with a rival’s child. After seeing the other boy’s precision with building blocks, Dr Cox states that kids of that age shouldn’t be able to do that, leading him to suspect the boy has autism. 832 more words


Affordable Building Blocks For Boys!

Whether for your child or for yourself, building blocks have a ton of benefits. Building blocks are a set of stackable, interlocking colorful plastic pieces that can be assembled and re-assembled in a number of infinite possibilities. 199 more words


Marinated Redwine Vinegar Peppers

I am so proud. The other day I made mayo and my boyfriend dipped his pinky finger inside, tasted it, looked up and said “I think this needs something..hmm..it needs maybe some lemon juice.” 564 more words


Key Learning

First of all I need to place myself in the context, so as to understand why my learning took this particular shape. I might sound like an elderly person asking existential questions, apologies- I do need to include it in the process. 1,125 more words