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Maintenance is important but very difficult for me. I rather close my eyes, walk away and not think about it. It catches up with me eventually and I have to deal with it. 390 more words

Catching up- Knitting

Okay I have looked over previous blogs so I think I have a handle on this things I may have missed posting over the last year…I’ve been taking pictures and I’m going to start with knitting. 648 more words


What kind of discoveries might be hidden in the growing sea of ‘dark data’? GeoDeepDive might be able to tell us.

As a field, science has been growing, developing, and evolving – much like a living organism. The body of evidence and data in geological sciences alone has become large and complex, growing and transforming over generations. 2,223 more words

Building Blocks

Cultivating Confidence

How do we go about cultivating confidence? 

Self-esteem for some of us has not always been very high and for others it has been really high. 121 more words

Building Blocks

Building with Squares and Circles

Among of our favorite toys are building blocks. According to Karen Hewitt, a toy designer and founder of the Learning Materials Workshop of Burlington, Vermont, the timeless, simple shapes lend themselves to endless opportunities for education through play.   155 more words

Photo Challenges

Julie's Block 13

Julie’s Block is actually the name of the custom quilt setting I have used, thanks to a feature of Electric Quilt which allows us to use a block with just square and rectangular shapes can be used to create a custom quilt setting with a click of a button. 37 more words


A Bag of Tools


by R. L. Sharpe                                                                                  

Isn’t it strange That princes and kings,

And clowns that caper In sawdust rings,

 And common people Like you and me… 32 more words