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Recovering from Being a Superhero, One Day at a Time

Does anyone remember the whole discussion of being a “superwoman” from the late 1970s and 1980s?  No?  Well, guess what – too damned many of us are STILL doing it.  698 more words


Feminism Is NOT in an Inverse Proportion with Attractiveness

I keep coming across these stereotypes, not just on Facebook, but pretty much everywhere in the United States, that the “more attractive” a woman is, the less likely she is to be a feminist. 590 more words


More Than a Single Standard of Beauty

via Beauty Photos All Sizes Curves.

A lot of the women in this slideshow are what would be considered “normal beauty.”  But, each and every one of them has their own issues with their bodies.  334 more words


Yet Another Way To Fail

via What Poverty Does to Your Brain – attn:.

There is so much about the human brain that we still don’t know.  Shortly after I left my ex-husband, I came across a medical article discussing the fact that mental and emotional abuse actually causes chemical brain damage – specifically in women it limits the production of cortisol (while in men it overproduces it), weakens the immune system, and can damage or even kill neurons in the hippocampus leading to memory and other cognitive issues. 269 more words


Binary Thinking is Only for Computers

via I Am NOT Cisgendered | J Nelson Aviance.

Look, gender identity is a spectrum, so is sexual identity.

We may seem to live our lives on the Internet, but that doesn’t excuse… 444 more words


My Love Loves "Thick" Women

I watched this video, as it popped up along the side when I went to YouTube.com to find the original posting of the video I shared in yesterday’s post. 621 more words


I Am Beautiful

The fact that we have a “norm” that means that 1/2 of the damned human race has to denigrate themselves in order to be accepted by society is just another damned symptom that we are living in an extremely sick culture. 625 more words