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Fear & Loathing

I’ve spent an eternity it seems hiding behind masks, armor and other ways to keep myself safe.

My sister made a realization the other day when I had yet another panic attack at the angry voice of a neighbor with a history of being abusive. 212 more words


Mothers and Daughters

Yesterday, we celebrated my mother’s 75th birthday.  She (and my father, and my grandmother) went through a lot of changes over the years.  Born just before America got into World War II, I’m sure that for most of her life, our country has been evolving at a dizzying rate. 750 more words


Life is Erratic

I’ve been looking over a lot of my blog over the last few days, trying to get into the mindspace of writing.  It’s not that I have writer’s block or lack ideas, it’s that my mind just can’t seem to settle down enough to write about them. 544 more words

Building Blocks

Building Real Friendships

Well then according to Josh Charles I’m a very lucky man.

I’m very fortunate to be honest, because thankfully I don’t have enough fingers to count the number of great friends I have. 564 more words


Drawlloween: Day 1 - Ghost (yeah, I know it's October 6)

There’s a meme going around Facebook called “Drawlloween 2015 (#Drawlloween).  Since one of the things I’ve lost from being abused is that my well of creativity has run dry (and is slowly, … 511 more words

Building Blocks

Two Can Play That Game (As Long As I'm Not One Of Them)

As if there weren’t enough reasons for me to wallow in self-doubt as a mother already! As if the burden of mama-guilt wasn’t already heavy enough! 566 more words