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[Building Blocks]: Dissecting the Annual Report (Part 1)

Buying and selling stocks are easy, but the amount of research one puts into determines your profitability. One such place to find out more about a company current performance and future plans is through their annual reports. 1,126 more words

[Building Blocks]: 4 principles of a fundamentally sound company

Hi all, as promised I would like to share with you some of the criteria I have before I decide that the company is fundamentally sound and worth investing. 942 more words

Bricks, Bricks, and more Bricks.

Hi Everyone !

I’m believing you all are doing well on this New Day. I’m grateful to GOD for His Grace and Mercy.

I just thought to share another project of one of my grandsons. 12 more words


Building Blocks ("I love")

Today’s Building Block continues the theme of the last Building Block, Licenses.  Let’s look at a verbal expression possibly impersonating actual reality: “I love.”  Over the course of our lives, and those of our characters, we ‘fall in love’ with ideas and non-human things. 404 more words

Steven S. Walsky

Barbara Brann: Building blocks for literacy - a year on

A year ago our school implemented Barbara Brann’s framework – building blocks for literacy – which looks at identifying and addressing the skills necessary to be ‘curriculum ready’. 553 more words

Single handed block tower

Charlie learns to make a tower all by himself.  But that final block was a challenge.

You know the end result….


but we were laughing and I didn’t take a pic of the fallen blocks


Building Blocks (Part 5)

Have you ever met someone who is like way too joyful? You know, the person who literally always has a smile on their face? The person who is always upbeat and never has a bad day? 813 more words

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