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Minimize, Compartmentalize and Ignore

via The Thing All Women Do That You Don’t Know About

Most of us women, at least those over the age of 25-30, do this kind of thing by habit, and without a lot of thought.  705 more words


Figure Drawing with References

Do you realize how difficult it is to come up with figure references for doing any kind of art that involves a plus-sized woman?

I’m not talking about finding candid photos of large women on the internet.  900 more words


Daddy & Me: Nov. 2015

Let’s All Clap
Let’s all clap cause (child’s name) is here, (name) is here
Let’s all clap cause (name) is here, (name) is here today… 547 more words


Regaining What Was Lost

I’m in a cranky space.  Not really for any particular reason, other than perhaps the crazy way my sleep schedule seems to be screwing up. 1,026 more words


But, Your Honor, I Swore She Was 18!

I’ve been doing a metric ton of thinking about my teen years this last week or so.  And about the things that happened to me in my teens and 20s. 295 more words


It's Not the Trolls that Get You

Since posting Compassion for Those In Need, I have been having a conversation with two different people about being poor, and my experiences.  One was easy enough, he was a troll – probably a kid staying up far too late, and getting his jollies off trolling assorted people on the Internet. 1,605 more words