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Dealing with Failure

Failure.  This is one of those things in life that is inevitable. Failure can come in a variety a ways.  It can come fast or over time.   247 more words

Welcome to Entrepreneur Tenacity

Welcome to our Entrepreneur Tenacity WordPress blog where we will be discussing and examining various aspects of entrepreneurism. Please feel free to subscribe to this blog as well as our main location… 71 more words


More surprises from Helping Hands!

Who says extra cash is not sweet.
88 ipads or hp mini laptops to be collected. Not to mention the thousands of dollars to be earned, brand new car awards and all expense paid trips to dubai. 46 more words


Helping Hands Opportunity


Helping Hands Int’l (H2i) is here for you.

It is one of the most outstanding and exciting opportunity ever on the surface of the earth. 163 more words


Internalization kills companies

I know a company where the new MD has spent more time and energy looking internally in his company than focusing on the external environment. Why – that it what he knows best, the easiest to focus on because he can apply his skills and knowledge and see things happening. 147 more words


A2W Club 2 Update

Dear Distributor:

Please note that the Binary Compression is now live and update daily on your Club 2 site. You can now see how things will look like by July 7! 200 more words


Basic Social Strategies

Social media can be frustrating when marketing and promoting your business. Why?

1) You need patience – People are on social media websites and apps at all different times. 462 more words