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Four Benefits of Choosing Aluminium Cladding

In construction terminology, Cladding refers to coating of one material over the other in order to increase the functionality and protection of the building structure. Cladding serves as a saviour to uninvited weather fluctuations and prevents against leakage. 220 more words

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Building Material

A standout amongst the most imperative variables that can focus the toughness of a house is the kind of building materials used to develop it. Homes that are made of building materials keep going for drawn out stretches of time and these homes additionally stand a decent risk of weathering compelling conditions, for example, tropical storms. 351 more words

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Maxi Bricks - Ideal Building Blocks to Make the Work Done Easier and Efficiently

Basically, bricks are the main and the most useful building material for every project to apply and achieve a strong building or a structure. No matter where you live and carry on your contractor or building projects work, you have strong bricks for single wall construction which reduces the cost of labour and are larger to stock for further use. 139 more words

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Lighten Up Your Home With Unique Skylights by Arihant Alu Glass

Natural light and sustainability go hand in hand. To assure our own well-being and do our part in saving energy and environment, we should be soon introduced to the benefits of installing the modern means of gaining natural light- Skylights. 334 more words

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The part of a building that we touch several times a day are door handles. It is important that door handles are durable and attractive. These qualities depend on the design of the door knob and the type of materials it is made of. 430 more words

Aluminium As A Crucial Element OF Modernity

Aluminium has been practised as a cost effective and environment friendly material which has been evolved in last seventy five years. Its unique features and durability has made it one of the widely used elements in modern architecture. 303 more words

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Thursday, Sept. 10 at 6:00 p.m.
The Architectural Archives, University of Pennsylvania
Harvey and Irwin Kroiz Gallery, 220 South 34th Street

John curator’s Frank G. Matero and William Whitaker for a gallery talk and tour of the exhibition, “Feats of Clay: Philadelphia Brick and Terracotta.” This exhibition traces the rise of the brick and terra cotta industry in Philadelphia and its far reaching influences on American architecture and building technology.  52 more words