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The Unnecessary Curse of Clay Brick Kilns

An everyday citizen doesn’t even need to read this post to know that clay brick kiln workers have a horrible life. Most must have glanced at them at working in kilns while passing through on a train journey or while on road on the highway. 486 more words


The capital’s most notorious and imaginative structures have been commended at the Wellington Architecture Awards.

Thirty-one recompenses were distributed on Wednesday night for both new and old plans. 328 more words

Shanghai Metal Corporation

Advantages of Installing Glass Canopy in Buildings

Glass canopy has emerged as a latest trend into exterior decoration and since then been continuously used into almost every commercial building. Specially used in the office purposes, canopies are largely used by office decorators, to endow the building with a unique identity and add a modern touch to the overall structure. 217 more words

Aluminium Doors And Windows

Being Sustainable


Radha Prathi, March 25, 2016

Building an eco-friendly home does not necessarily have to be an expensive affair. Neither does it mean that the entire building should be bereft of anything man-made or industry-processed. 749 more words

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Buying Guide for Ready Mix Concrete

It is a misconception that one mix design will work perfectly for every project and every application. You need to have some basic knowledge and good communication with your supplier in order to get the perfect mix for each job. 361 more words


To Create That Wow Effect With Glass


With buildings constantly rising vertically every year, it is becoming increasingly difficult for homes that do not go beyond the first floor to get their fair share of ventilation. 955 more words

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