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Pandanus amaryllifolius

Family: Pandanaceae

Local name: Pandan


Pandanus amaryllifolius has been originated from Bangka, Indonesia, but is widely distributed in the tropical areas of Southeast Asia. 254 more words

Seletar Tribe

Nipah Palm

Nypa fruticans

Family:  Arecaceae.

Local name: Nipah Palm.


Nipah palms grow in soft mud and slow-moving tidal and river waters that bring in nutrients. The palm can be found as far inland as the tide can deposit the floating nuts. 282 more words


Here's Why You Should Go The PVC Way




Abraham Lincoln once said that the best way to destroy enemies is to make a concerted effort to befriend them and then there will be no enemies left.  979 more words

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The Cannabis Sativa Plant Isn't Just For Smoking. You Can Build Your Home With Hemp | CNBC

There are currently about 50 homes in the U.S. built with hemp. But around the world, it’s much more popular as a building material.

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5 Signs You Should Invest in FRP Grating

The FRP grating stands for Fiberglass reinforced plastic grating. This complex material is manufactured by uniting a medium of resin and fiberglass together. Unlike steel grating, the FBR grating never corrodes, hence it is used in corrosive environments to reduce maintenance costs. 378 more words

Building Material

Some vital points required for construction bid formation

CAREFUL STUDY OF THE CONTRACT DOCUMENTS: The contract documents which are provided to the contractor or delivered for his inspection comprise of general contract conditions, drawings, specifications, bills of quantities etc. 255 more words