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Day 14: TUESDAY -

Mon: 238.9#  Tues: 236.2#

I am going to take measurements tomorrow morning, I should have done that from the start, but I know it’s a much better way to record actual progress than the scale.  259 more words

Building Muscle

Day 10 - TGIF! Almost not sick anymore - had to put off my real training until next week.

WED: 236.2# and THURS: 237.9# FRI: 237.2#

Feeling better, but not 100% recovered from this stupid cold. However, it’s not the end of the world, I am taking the rest of the weekend to fully recover so that I can start my new Olympic Lifting training program I found from Coach Burgener.  293 more words

Building Muscle

Protein requirements for athletes and mere mortals

Protein is totally the “in” macronutrient right now, and while there are certainly benefits to focusing on protein intake, I think a lot of people don’t understand how much we actually need, and what that looks like in food terms. 1,060 more words


Workout Wednesday

It’s Wednesday!! Today I am going to give you a few of my favorite shoulder exercises. I do shoulders several times a week as they are an area I am trying to improve. 120 more words

Day 7 - Stupid cold has me feeling, blah!

Weight 235.4# this morning.

Had a bad night because of this stupid cold.  As my son says, you know I am sick, when I go to my box (gym) and I don’t lift weights.  82 more words

Building Muscle

Day 6 - Happy Monday - Make a Plan!

Good Morning!  236.7# this morning.

Not feeling so good this morning, think I am coming down with something.  Today might be an active recovery day.  Mobility work, some rowing and light barbell work on technique. 226 more words

Building Muscle

Large Better as it pertains to Building Muscle?

There appears to be an extended-held perception that after it involves building muscle, larger is much better. Today, there is no question this principle holds true in several circumstances. 475 more words

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