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Avoid Building Muscle The Wrong Way!

How would you feel if you discovered that almost everything you were doing with building muscle was dead wrong? Imagine all the time, money and effort you have spent in the gym was contributing to building muscle – the wrong way! 1,659 more words

Muscle Bodybuilding

Don't forget to stretch!

How many of you finish your workout and just walk out of the gym? How many of you KNOW that you should stretch, aaaand ya still don’t? 323 more words

60-Day Plank Challenge

Still coming off of the high of shaving almost 3 minutes off of my 10K time (down from 55:25 to 52:55), I’m inspired to really focus on my core and hip strength. 174 more words


Stop Storing Fat, This Strategy is Better than Steroids

My college wrestling career ended and I, like almost everyone in the sport, felt I hadn’t reached my potential.  There are several reasons for my underperformance; my scant understanding of diet and nutrition may not have been the leading culprit but it was certainly an important factor that made reaching my goals, just that much harder.   1,822 more words


How to Build Muscle: Mind Muscle Connection

We all want to know the secret, the shortcut, the fastest way to building as much muscle as possible in the least amount of time. I’m sure I’m not the first person to tell you that there is no shortcut or secret, but that doesn’t mean there are no techniques that can help us get those gains. 131 more words


These Types of Yoga are MIND-BLOWING

Hi bloggers, as some of you may know I’m making a journey to fitness for my wedding in July. Recently I have been sore from all of my workouts and find that yoga with my fiancee really helps to relieve that soreness.   249 more words

Strength Training for Women and Why We Need It

Strength Training for women is a must. It is through loss of strength that age really becomes apparent. As we age, our muscles will deteriorate if not used. 947 more words