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Booty Building 101

So today finds me holed up at my favorite coffee cave enjoying the place being relatively quiet and attempting to get a post written for you guys. 999 more words

How to Build Muscle for Women

By Allison Carter December 31, 2017

Diet And Toning Exercises
For men there is a wealth of information regarding toning and building the body, but there is not a lot of advice on how to build muscle for women. 575 more words

Work Out

Things You Should Know about Muscle & Aging

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Muscles and Aging

We lose muscle mass as we get older, but there are ways to counteract that

We often rely on age to tell us about ourselves. 850 more words

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Plateau and Changing Goals

Apologies for not updating this in a long while – life has been keeping me very busy these days.

I had progressed with my weight loss down to 232 for a day, but that was after a period of being sick and I don’t think that was a natural state. 248 more words

Lifestyle Changes

What Does It Take?

What does it take to really hit your fitness goals?  The perfect workout plan?  An on point diet?  Sure these things can help but do you want to know what you truly need for success?  311 more words


Don't Have Time to Workout?

Have you or someone you know ever said “I don’t have time to workout“?  I have heard this a lot, and it’s one of the oldest excuses in the book.  260 more words


New Year, New you. Build Muscle Quick With These 5 Essential Habits.

The New year is approaching fast and there are a lot of you out there that are going to be making resolutions aimed at improving your health. 1,094 more words