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The Training - what up?

It’s been DIFFICULT. As Ricky has gotten to know me, he has pushed, challenged, tracked, taught, and has been a relentless trainer. Although I consider myself advanced, this has been challenging. 437 more words

The truth behind eating Protein!

Hey, can you build muscle with muscle?

Fun fact: The majority of your muscle are built by eating muscles.

Huh? Come again?

What is a chicken breast? 452 more words


Building Muscle Mass: More Weight or More Reps?

What’s better for getting bigger muscles? Heavy weight and few reps, or light weight and more reps? Here’s how it all breaks down.

Low Reps with Heavier Weight… 667 more words


How to build the calf muscle!

Hey everyone, In this blog post I want to talk about how you can build big monstrous looking calves. A lot of people neglect this muscle of the lower leg, let along the whole lower body! 323 more words

Body Builder

Why You'll Never Turn Your Fat Into Muscle

A commonly held myth by most people is that you can turn your fat into muscle. They believe that if you do weight exercises, you can get this done. 617 more words

Weight Loss


Our job has been to help people find their inner strength and achieve their goals. At Vyayamshala, we know that no matter what your fitness level, when you’re committed, anything is possible. 534 more words

Best Workout Programs

Benefits of HIIT

Have you heard of this buzz about HIIT?

What is HIIT, anyway?
HIIT is short for (High Intensity Interval Training).
HIIT is a form of cardio where you alternate between short bursts of high intensity and low intensity or rest periods. 176 more words