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Hamburger Hamstrings: How I Came to Appreciate Rest Days

For some people, Sunday is about brunch, for others, about football (is there still football? Umm, Go Team!), and for still others, it’s about drinking all day (#SundayFunDay, right?) lamenting their inevitable return to work on the following day- because who doesn’t like to compound the drudgery of waking up early on a Monday by adding in hangover? 654 more words


Workout Tips to Build Muscle

Building muscle is a term that can be easily misconstrued because automatically the vision of a hulk-size man with bulging muscles and popping veins comes up. 69 more words

Get Leaner And Stronger

It's a Water-Full Life

Everybody knows water is important for a healthy life, but think of it this way; we can go weeks without food, but no more than about 48 hours without water. 625 more words

Body Building

Exercise of the Week

Working the muscles of the chest…


Push Ups – This exercise is great for building up strength in your chest and arms. Support yourself face down with arms and legs about shoulder width apart. 87 more words
Playground Workout

Occlusion Training: The Newest Path to the Pump

Bloodflow restriction training/ occlusion training

Life changers, the jury is out! The results are in!

What was once thought an outlandish fad idea, is now backed by research. 1,042 more words


Do Powerlifters Succeed Only Because They are Stubborn?

I’ve set the direction of my blog – to provide useful fitness tips that anyone can use for themselves.

Most of the time.

It’s that time of the month again – my hands get itchy and my brain goes a-whirl. 1,790 more words

Tip for better arms: Try the Triceps!

We always admire big arms and when we do, let’s be honest, a lot of us ( men especially) think of those big, bulging biceps that rise like a grand crescendo into the heavens. 857 more words