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Muscle Building 101

“How to get a toned body!” the title screamed at me from the magazine cover. Maybe I shuddered a little.

I don’t like that word. Why? 1,836 more words


Day 2

So here we are, day two and the sun is shining. You know what they say, suns out, guns out.

Went to collect the holiday documents from the travel agents, and that’s when I realized it’s only 24 days till we go on holiday which means I don’t have as much time in this challenge as I first thought. 328 more words

Weight Loss

The Importance of Neurotransmitters In Building Muscle

How many times did you tell yourself you don’t feel like going to the gym today? Better yet, you were too tired to get out of bed and get motivated for work. 301 more words


Effective Use Of Weight Lifting straps

Anything that helps you lift more weight helps to build more muscle. Weight lifting straps do just that. Check the video.
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Health & Fitness

The Buddha Belly: Detachment and Building A Wicked Hot Body

Ever notice how change comes in big erratic chunks? Sure, progress should be linear, like a steady paycheck or seconds ticking away on a clock, but unfortunately it ain’t. 615 more words


Testosterone Anabolic Steroid Testosterone Enanthate CAS 315-37-7 For Building Muscle


Applies to male sexual inadequacy, sex organ dysplasia, infertility, cryptorchidism and infertility. Can also be used for female functional uterine bleeding, climacteric syndrome, breast cancer and genital cancer; Liver cirrhosis, aplastic anemia, osteoporosis and other wasting disease. 921 more words

Testosterone Anabolic Steroid

How to Start a Workout Routine--One That Sticks This Time

Mark Twain said “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times.”

His point is as well taken now as it was more than a hundred years ago: change is hard! 1,046 more words