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Have you attempted to loose weight before?

Putting your trust and faith in the services of PT’s, while they dish out ‘expert advice’, taking your money only to leave you more discouraged and disappointed then when you started? 456 more words

Alternative To GP's Advice

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In den letzten 35 Jahren habe ich alles unternommen, um die besten Methoden zu finden, damit meine Kunden Fett verlieren, ihre Muskeln aufbauen und ich ihnen dadurch zu einem schlanken, gut geformten und sportlichen Aussehen verhelfen konnte. 71 more words


Linear Vs. Non-Linear Periodisation For Size And Strength

Optimal Recovery, Maximal Progression

Periodisation of training programs is something not often talked about on the gym floor. In fact, you will only really hear about periodisation online.

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Training Frequency: An Overlooked Variable In The Quest For Hypertrophy?

Progressive Overload

The driver of all size and strength development is progressive overload. It’s the most important thing you will ever come across in the world of lifting.

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Working Out Your Triceps, some tips...

It’s still morning (only just) so I’ll say it, good morning!

Last week I did a little video about lats, and mentioned making a video about triceps next. 140 more words


Can't seem to put on a pound no matter what you do? Here's the fix!

If you’re reading this article you probably belong to the group of people that have been skinny their whole lives and can never seem to put on weight or build muscle no matter what you do. 521 more words


Beating Bra Bulge: A Lat Exercise

We’ve all been there.  You put on a shirt you love, it’s showing off all the right curves, you turn to the side and your bra is creating this caterpillar-esque bulge on either side. 168 more words