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How Much Of Building Muscle Is Diet?

When it comes to building muscle, does diet play a role? Absolutely.  For the first couple years I worked out I failed to change my diet, and while I saw some definition I didn’t really start… 157 more words


5 Stranger Things To Build Muscle, Burn Fat, And Improve Sleep (That Actually Work)

If you like the show, you’ll love these 6 stranger-but-true things that can help you boost your energy at work, improve your performance in the gym and reduce inflammation and muscle soreness. 5,094 more words

Form is everything

Ok so maybe form isn’t EVERYTHING , but it is important. It can make or break your workout (and your body). It’s a goal and pride point for most of us to lift heavier weights, we think it’s the epitome of masculinity and the key to muscle growth. 191 more words

Does Lifting Heavy Make Me Look Like a Bodybuilder?

Many women ask me for advice about how they can become stronger and more toned. And almost always, this question is immediately followed by “but I don’t want to get bulky”. 811 more words


Is lack of sleep effecting your gains...?

Eating well? Training hard? Not making the gains you want? Have you ever thought that maybe sleep could be the answer? It might sound simple. Too simple that you wouldn’t even think about it. 438 more words

What Motivates You?

Do you love fitness or just want to get in better shape? Do you want to put on muscle, run a marathon or fit into those pants you’ve long since outgrown? 242 more words

Exceptional Ways Of Boosting Your Muscle Mass

Muscle development will take lots of job, but it may take even more job if you are not prepared. In the event you don’t know what works great for muscle building, you will be creating far more unnecessary work for on your own. 532 more words