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How to Start a Workout Routine--One That Sticks This Time

Mark Twain said “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times.”

His point is as well taken now as it was more than a hundred years ago: change is hard! 1,046 more words

Nutrition - General Advice

No, taking a protein shake will not make you massive, nor will it make the gainz you just made in the gym stick instantly. Hello, and today I’m talking about the general information I feel everybody should know about nutrition regarding healthy lifestyle. 990 more words


Leg Burn


  • 15 incline walk (6 min, 2.5)
  • 2 incline shuffles (2 minutes each side, 2.0)

Glute Activation:

  • 3×20 banded clamshells (each side)
    • superset: 20 banded hip abductions…
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Last workout of april

Been some time since I have posted now.

I did end up stopping with stronglifts because the Powell squad (Chris and Heidi powell) did come out with a app which is so much better for at least than stronglifts ever was. 354 more words


You Will Not Think How These Will Help You Lose Abdomen Body Fat Quick

There are several reasons why morning workouts are best. Take note that I didn’t say it was easy. I don’t think it’s ever easy, not if you actually do the work part of the workout. 841 more words