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Linking Data: Disposable Wealth

For this assignment I started to build a measure for “Neighborhood Disposable Wealth.” The first task was to create the key manifest variable that measures whether a building permit application was for aesthetic purposes, meaning a permit for work that is not for functional needs. 1,962 more words

Building Permits

Linking Data: Indicators of Informal Outdoor Interactions

In building my latent construct of “outdoor energy,” I decided to start the process by targeting potential physical locations of informal outdoor interactions.  In my previous post I provided some examples, including awnings and canopies, outside seating, etc.  1,032 more words

Building Permits

And We’re Off!

“Hey man, how’s your house coming along?  You moved in yet?”  When you start a blog that promises everybody in your friends list that you are about to get started on a construction project, you set yourself up for this question from just about everybody you run in to.  2,363 more words

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Proposing New Measures: Outdoor Energy

The latent construct that I want to explore is “outdoor energy,” or how vibrant a neighborhood’s outdoor community is.  I believe that it could serve as a useful ecometric because of its potential relationship with community vibrancy.   527 more words

Building Permits

Proposing New Measures: Neighborhood Disposable Wealth

After reading previous class postings and assessing existing ecometrics (e.g., local investment) that have been developed using the Building Permit data set I thought it may be useful to generate a latent construct for “neighborhood disposable wealth.” I’m not completely sure about the naming of this variable, but essentially I want to measure a variable that taps into “extra” wealth in neighborhoods to complement the investment and gentrification measures that the Boston Area Research Initiative already has. 253 more words

Building Permits

Do you Need a Building Permit for your Project?

As a home owner, it can be daunting engaging a trades person and then having to worry about getting your building permit. And as a small business, we understand that your home is your investment and we want to assist you in protecting that investment. 155 more words

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There was some mixed housing news in recent weeks, though the sector still remains a bright spot in a somewhat slowing economy.

The Scoop on Housing Starts, Building Permits and Sales… 300 more words

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